Britney Spears prays for 'more confidence’ using crystals as she ‘finds herself’ after losing conservatorship battle

BRITNEY Spears has revealed she is collecting crystals in the hope they will bring her 'more confidence' following her recent court battle.

Britney, 38, last week lost a bid to take control of her own finances and has now decided to 'go back to things she loved' when she was a child.

The singer has told fans she used to enjoy looking at rocks in the garden so has started collecting crystals to "meditate and pray" with.

Taking to Instagram, Britney shared a photo of a book cover entitled The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide To Crystals and said she already has 33 rocks in her collection.

The former Disney star wrote: "Ok … call me weird if you want but I really love crystals and rocks!!!!

"During this pandemic I’ve had more time to myself so I started a collection of crystals and I now have 33 🔮✨ !!!! They are stunning and I pray and meditate with them every darn day!!!! "

Britney went on to explain that she has different prayers depending 'on what she's going through' that day.

She said: "For instance, yesterday I prayed to find more confidence and grace ….. asking my spiritual guides to guide me … I usually also burn incense to clear the energy!!!

"I even used to hold a small rock in my pocket when I was nervous for interviews for good luck."

Britney continued her post by reflecting on her childhood, admitting that she is 'going back' to what she enjoyed doing as a kid.

She wrote: "I’m taking this time to find myself and go back to the things I loved when I was younger!!!!

"When I was little …. any time I went outside I would rather stay in the driveway and look for pretty rocks than play 😂✨🌳 … okay so I was a weird little kid 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ !!!!

"Hmmm … I guess some things never change 😜🙊😂 !!! PS in other words go put some damn rocks in your house 🏡 !!!!"

Mother-of-two Britney suffered a setback last week when no action was taken in her legal case to have her father Jamie Spears removed as her conservator, TMZ reported.

What is Britney’s conservatorship?

Since 2008, Britney has been subject to a legal “conservatorship” – making her dad Jamie her legal guardian, with direct control over her financial affairs and daily life.

As her conservator, 68-year-old Jamie’s tasks include overseeing Britney’s business affairs, some personal assets, legal matters and family law issues.

He also negotiated his daughter’s 2012 stint as a judge on the US X Factor series.

The conservator role was reviewed on August 22 and Britney's fans hoped she will be "freed" from the legal arrangement then.

But a judge ruled that changes will not be made until February 2022 at the earliest.

Britney had asked a judge to make her temporary care manager Jodi Montgomery – who took over last year when her father became ill – to continue permanently as her conservator.

The singer "strongly opposed" Jamie being her sole conservator, court documents filed by her attorney revealed.

The documents also stated that "a major overhaul in how her conservatorship is run is needed to reflect her current lifestyle and her wishes" – confirming reports that the star no longer wishes to perform at this moment in time.

Her ex-husband Jason Alexander also attended the hearing, where he claimed they are back in touch and that the star wants to rekindle their relationship.

No changes were made when Wednesday's hearing was adjourned.

The Mickey Mouse Club alum has been unable to make major personal or financial decisions in her life without the approval of her father since a court-approved conservatorship was put in place in February 2008 after her meltdown and divorce from Kevin Federline.


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