Casa Amor hunk Dale PIES Chloe and cracks on with another girl in the Love Island villa

CASA Amor hunk Dale has pied Chloe and cracked on with Faye in the first look for tonight's episode.

The Glaswegian has been spending his time cracking onto the only single girl this week.

But it seems Faye's recent upset over the postcard – which showed most of the boys kissing another person – has presented an opportunity for Dale to pursue who he fancies.

In the first look video, Chloe and Dale are talking by the sofas as they explain where their heads are at.

Chloe asks: "Where's your head at?"

Dale replies: "I feel like, me and you get on quite a lot. Do you know what I mean? I feel like honestly, with Faye.

"She was like, 'me and f***ing Teddy are [choking noise]. It's thrown a wee spanner in the works because obviously she's my type as well and I want to chat to her as well, obviously. But that's where I'm at."

Chloe looks a bit put out and replies: "So, you want to get to know Faye. That's cool."

Then in a hideaway, she says: "Who goes on Love Island and ends up on friend island, is a single girl in Casa Amor and gets f***ing pied?"

Dale Mehmet is a 24-year-old barber from Glasgow and has until now been flirting with Chloe.

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She hasn't had the best time on Love Island, being in a friendship couple with Hugo for most of it.

Chloe was previously in a relationship with Toby – who she stole from Kaz – but he had his head turned by bombshell Abi. Toby now appears to have moved onto Mary in Casa Amor.

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