Chilling footage shows Russian army aim rifles and tanks at ITV News crew

Ukraine: Zelenskyy appeals to Russian soldiers to 'go home'

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On Thursday’s Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid showed viewers chilling footage of ITV reporters and camera crew having guns and a tank aimed at them by the Russian army. The crew were forced to flee Mariupol in a convoy ahead of shelling from Russian forces. Reporter John Irvine and the crew detailed the frightening moment in a news package for GMB.

Susanna told viewers: “John Irvine has been in Mariupol and he and his news crew – because it’s not just those in front of camera, they couldn’t do it without every single person behind the camera and all the fixers and those who help on the ground who sometimes don’t have the same freedoms – they joined the last convoy out of Mariupol.”

Speaking in a voiceover on the clip, John explained: “Without electricity, water of fuel we can no longer report from inside Mariupol so we decided to join what would be the last convey to escape. 

“The city has a large Greek community and Athens had tried to secure safe passage for a rag tag of diplomats, citizens and foreign journalists.

“With Mariupol just five miles behind us, tanks suddenly appeared in the mist.”

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“We hoped they were Ukrainian but they were not,” he continued. 

“We filmed the Russians as surreptitiously as possible.”

From inside the car, John noted: “I can count four Russian tanks, thankfully the crews at the minute appear to be quite relaxed.

“Someone from our lead vehicle has gone to have a chat to convince them that we are who we say are an innocent convey leaving Mariupol for safety.

“You can see the ‘Z’ on one side of the tanks they’re definitely Russians.”

John continued in a voiceover: “At one point, the tank turret turned our way. We were staring down the barrel. 

“It’s not clear what spooked them, but something definitely did and suddenly some of the Russian soldiers to the right and left of the tank were kneeling and aiming their rifles at our convoy.

“Thankful the situation eventually calmed down, they checked out IDs, checked our vehicles and allowed us to proceed.

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“It took a while to drive through what turned out to be a large Russian army column.”

From inside the vehicle, John explained: “Dozens and dozens of vehicles, armoured personal, tanks, lorries, hundreds of men.

“Their presence confirmed that Mariupol is indeed encircled and it’s taking a pummelling.

“We were leaving behind a city where the Deputy Mayor claims the Russian shelling today killed hundreds of civilians.

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“To the Russian speaking people of this region, it must feel as though these Russian soldiers are guilty of fratricide.”

Susanna was visibly rocked by the clip and revealed the mayor of Mariupol has claimed Russian forces are now preventing citizens from evacuating. 

He added that a “full-scale genocide is underway” in the city.

Good Morning Britain airs on ITV on weekdays at 6am. 

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