Coronation Street baby horror as Gemma steps out in front of car with quads

Coronation Street lines up devastating scenes next week, as new mum Gemma Winter struggles with the pressure of raising baby quadruplets.

The character welcomed her four babies in October with partner Chesney Brown.

Recently they learned that one of the babies, Aled, had been deaf since birth, with Gemma left distraught having not realised.

Since then Gemma has been staying at home to care for her four children, but it's starting to take its toll.

She's not sleeping and barely leaves the house, worried about them at all times.

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Next week, she's upset when two other mums from the baby yoga sessions reject her offer to meet up claiming they're busy.

But she hears them partying at the house and realises they lied.

Later on in the week, Imogen and Vanessa try to make amends with Gemma over the "misunderstanding".

Their claims aren't genuine though as Gemma overhears them making comments about her.

Tipsy on prosecco, she angrily storms out of the house with her kids and makes her way home.

But she suddenly steps out into the road with the pram, and doesn't see the incoming car.

The car halts to a sudden stop, just missing her and her babies leaving her horrified.

Maria Connor comes to the rescue to make sure everyone is okay, but mortified Gemma soon races home and breaks down.

She opens up to her mum, who has noticed she isn't coping, and confesses she left the kids in danger.

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Gemma details her lack of sleep and her ongoing fears for the quads, feeling hopeless.

Bernie tries again to get her to open up and tell Chesney she isn't coping very well, but Gemma wants to be alone.

Once alone with the crying babies, she heads outside feeling overwhelmed before breaking down once more.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm.

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