Coronation Street kidnap as Bertie Osbourne disappears in harrowing plot?

Corrie: Maria Connor tells Daniel baby Bertie ‘feels warm’

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Bertie (played by Rufus Morgan-Smith) is the son of Daniel (Rob Mallard) and the late Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn), who was first introduced to the world of Coronation Street in January 2019. Ever since his arrival and the passing of his mother, he has witnessed several women come into his father’s life and act as a surrogate mother to him. However, Daisy Midgeley’s (Charlotte Jordon) romance with the father of one could put the youngster in danger as it seems her motherly instincts could see the toddler disappear into thin air on the ITV soap.

The drama kicks off next week as Daniel and Daisy continue with their romance, albeit with some opposition to their relationship.

As he tries to juggle his love life, his working life and his duties as a father, Ken Barlow’s (William Roache) youngest son is disappointed as his childminder has let him down.

Knowing the school teacher is trying desperately to get someone to look after his son, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) suggests her stepdaughter Daisy steps in.

Although reluctant at first, the Rovers Return barmaid happily obliges in the hope it will get her in Daniel’s good books.

When she takes the toddler to the café, she ends up taking some selfies with him to try and boost her online following.

As viewers have learnt with Daisy over the past year, there is always an ulterior motive to everything she seems to do.

However, having already asserted his feelings about Daisy recently, Daniel’s nephew Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) issues a warning to his uncle.

The hotshot lawyer sees right through the barmaid’s plan as he tells the father of one she is using Bertie to boost her social media following.

Instead of heeding the warning, Daniel decides to thank his love interest for all she has done for him by helping out with the childminding.

He tells her he hopes they can spend more time together in the future and he is not worried as others seem to be.

Daisy views men like they are toys

Charlotte Jordan

Unfortunately, by posting Bertie’s face all over the internet, the toddler could warrant some unwanted attention from members of the public.

As it is likely Daisy will have posted her location alongside the picture of the youngster, one of her followers could turn up on the cobbles.

Having developed an unhealthy obsession with Bertie, the stranger could do everything in their power to get closer to the toddler.

When no one is looking, they could snatch the child and disappear into thin air with him, leaving his loved ones heartbroken.

With the search getting underway to find Bertie, it could prove problematic as the authorities struggle to locate the child and his captor.

Daniel could begin to think in more depth about how someone could have got their hands on his child and he could think back to Adam’s warning.

Will the father of one blame his new love interest for getting his child kidnapped by a stranger after she plastered his face on the internet?

Known for her powers of manipulation, will Daisy turn the tables and ensure Daniel ends up blaming himself for Bertie’s disappearance?

The actress who plays Daisy, Charlotte, has spoken out about her character and her attitude towards men, suggesting she doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.

Charlotte said: “I would assume that Daisy views men like they are toys.”

The soap star continued: “She’s probably not getting the attention she wants – so she’s probably a bit bored on that front.

“If Daisy is bored I feel like that can only mean trouble,” Charlotte added, hinting her alter-ego can be dangerous when she wants to be.

As everyone begins the search for Bertie, will Daniel’s reaction see her realise she doesn’t actually like him as much as she thought?

Daisy’s attention could turn to finding herself a new man as she gets bored of looking for the toddler, causing many people around her to doubt her intentions.

With so much heartbreak over the youngster’s disappearance, will he ever be found?

The actor who plays Daniel, Rob, has spoken out on where he would like to see his character go in the future and fatherhood seems to be on top of the agenda.

Rob explained: “I’d like to see him be a really interesting dad, I think. That’s what I would like to see them [the producers] look at.

Discussing working with the actor who plays his son, Rufus, the soap star added: “He listens to you in the scene and he responds back to you, so I want to see that go forward.

“I want to know what (Daniel’s) like as a dad because he was so critical of Ken,” he told the Digital Spy Soap Scoop podcast.

But will his chance to be a proper father to Bertie be snatched away as the child disappears and doesn’t return?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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