Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass shocked as Rick Neelan's daughter Kelly arrives in Weatherfield

GARY Windass is haunted by his killer past next week in Coronation Street when Rick Neelan’s daughter Kelly arrives in Weatherfield.

Gary thought he’d got away with killing loan shark Rick – but Kelly’s return could prove him wrong.

Corrie viewers were horrified when Gary ended up murdering loan shark Rick Neelan in self-defence during a violent showdown in the woods last year. 

Rick lured Gary there by pretending he’d kidnapped his girlfriend Sarah, but when Gary arrived Rick had dug a grave and announced he had plans to put Gary in it. 

But Gary ended up getting the upper hand and hit Rick over the head before burying his body in the woods. 

Shortly after Rick’s death, his daughter Kelly became suspicious of Gary when Rick didn’t appear to pick her up from school and started fishing around. 

But when Gary told her that Rick was a loan shark and that he’d fled the country she finally went away  – much to Gary’s relief. 

Following Derek Milligan’s horror shooting after Gary pushed his stooge too far, Gary turned a new leaf and tried to lead a better life as he romanced Maria Connor. 

In next week’s episodes of Coronation Street, Gary is in for a nasty shock when he realises that Kelly is back and has been transferred to Weatherfield High. 

In the upcoming scenes, Kelly approaches Asha and Summer in the cafe and tells them that she’s just started at Weatherfield High. 

Gary sees Kelly in her new school uniform. 

Unhappy that she’s treansferred schools, Gary later phones her old school in an attempt to find out more details and see if he can prevent her moving.

Is Kelly back for revenge?

Actress Millie Gibson – who plays Kelly – tweeted that she’d be appearing in Corrie in March back in January

Sources told The Sun Online at the time that Corrie bosses were thrilled to have Millie on set and had promised that the storyline involving her character Kelly and Gary would be huge.

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