Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby consumed with grief as sister Toyah fosters a baby for Christmas

CORONATION Street will pit Leanne Battersby’s grief against the happiness of her sister this festive season as Toyah’s foster journey finally begins.

Leanne – who is played by Jane Danson in the ITV soap – will mourn alone in her flat over the Christmas period while an emergency child placement is assigned to Toyah and Imran.

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Things quickly escalate in the countdown to Christmas when Sam tells Leanne and Nick that he doesn’t want to move to London and begs them to let him live there. 

An irritated Leanne asks Nick why he didn’t mention Natasha was moving to London before telling him he needs to be firm with Sam.

Nick feels torn but does as Leanne says and rings Sam to tell him it’s not possible for him to move in. 

Later in the week, Nick heads out to pick up Sam for a visit and is touched when they return home to find that Leanne has cooked Christmas dinner and wrapped Sam’s presents under the tree. 

During the dinner, Nick reassures Sam he’ll visit London as often as he can and that they’ll do the museums together. 

Disaster strikes, however, when Leanne spots Sam playing with Oliver’s musical box and lashes out, leaving Sam feeling sad and guilty. 

Later, Leanne tells Nick that it’d be better if he rented a flat and moved Sam in, but promises it wouldn’t be the end of their relationship. 

As Christmas Eve arrives, Toyah and Imran are stunned when they get a call from social services asking them if they can foster a baby right there and then.

As Toyah enthuses about the baby, Nick comes round the corner with Sam. 

Leanne excuses herself and shuttles off, hiding her devastation.

After a sleepless night with the baby, Gemma calls at the builder’s yard flat and gives the new parents some tips on Christmas Day. 

Meanwhile, grief-stricken Leanne hides away in her flat, unable to face anyone.

Corrie viewers know that Leanne has been struggling to come to terms with the loss of her son Oliver, who recently passed away from mitochondrial disorder after a long drawn-out legal battle to keep him alive.

When the doctors announced the toddler’s liver had failed and that they were having to resuscitate him multiple times, Leanne finally realised she was only prolonging Oliver’s suffering and agreed to let him go. 

Leanne and Steve then arranged for his life support to be switched off, and the youngster soon died in his mum’s arms.  

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