Coronation Street's Harry Visinoni admits he cried when filming Seb's heartbreaking death

CORONATION Street actor Harry Visinoni, who played Seb Franklin on the cobbles, said he was "welling up" during his final day on set.

Killed in a hate crime at the hands of Corey Brent’s (Maximus Evans) gang, Seb’s death left fans shocked on Friday.

The actor said that filming his final scenes as Seb was "emotional" after he and girlfriend Nina Lucas, played by Mollie Gallagher were attacked. 

Corrie has seen Harry going from an 18-year-old student to an experienced actor.

He told the Daily Star: "I’ve gone from a boy to a man in this time.

"I’ve grown up so much, and on Corrie you learn so much all the time.”

Seb went from an angry child taking care of his siblings while his mum Abi was taking drugs, to helping get Alina out of the human trafficking ring she was trapped in.

Harry admitted it was never his intention to remain in Corrie forever – and he felt the hate crime storyline was the perfect exit for Seb.

Referring to the brutal attack, Harry said: "It’s interesting because I think a younger Seb a few years ago would’ve just got stuck in and had the fight.

"But I think the more mature Seb we’re seeing now – he’s there with Nina and there’s a big group of people, and I think he realises the best way to protect Nina and protect himself is to get out of there.

Harry said that if Seb did step in, it would be fight or flight and flight was definitely the way to go in that attack.

He shares producer Iain MacLeod’s vision that the hate crime storyline will challenge its audience’s preconceptions about judging people based on appearance as they worked with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation to put the story together.

Harry reminded viewers that blind ignorance has consequences, with Sophie Lancaster killed as a product of hate and prejudice that stems from a lack of understanding.

He said: "It was a big responsibility to tell the story and to share this idea as truthfully as possible. It’s been an honour to have been trusted with it, and I believe that it will have the right effect."

Now Harry has his sights set on a theatre career, sharing he was excited for the future but thanks Corrie for the best five-year education anyone could wish for.

He wasn’t daunted by having to send in audition tapes with COVID restrictions in place and praised being able to re-record self-tapes rather than one chance in person auditions.

Harry made sure he didn’t leave the Corrie set without a souvenir as he took Seb’s Vans Old Skool trainers, or “his little black punk shoes” which Harry has worn since.

In the meantime, he plans to "follow his nose".

"I’m gonna see where the road takes me. I’ll continue to enjoy myself and build my career, in whatever role that may be," Harry said.

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