Corrie death, EastEnders secret explodes and 23 more soap spoilers

There is death and destruction aplenty in the soaps next week, as Emmerdale icon Kim Tate (Claire King) seemingly breathes her last breath.

Say it ain’t so!

And the residents of Coronation Street receive a visit from the grim reaper also, as Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) discovers that Kirsty Soames has passed away.

Iqra Ahmed makes a decision in EastEnders, while Cher McQueen (Bethannie Hare) takes horrific action in Hollyoaks.

If you’re desperate to see what happens next, then you’ll once again have the option of watching next week’s Emmerdale, Corrie and EastEnders before they make it air.

Yes, due to scheduling disruptions caused by Euro 2020, all episodes of the aforementioned soaps will be available to stream from Monday (June 21) on BBC iPlayerand ITV Hub.

And here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to!

Coronation Street

1. Sharon returns to the cobbles, and attempts to talk Rhys out of Harvey’s plan to turn the screws on Leanne. Sam, meanwhile, sneaks to the street in order to give Nick his Father’s Day card. Leanne hears gunshots and, fearing the worst, heads out to see what the commotion was. She and Steve find Nick and Sam sprawled on the ground. Leanne ultimately comes to the realisation that she needs to stand up in court and tell the truth. Rita finds Sharon in her flat. Sharon, having taken a beating from Harvey’s gang for attempting to warn Leanne of the danger, begs Rita to return her the £10,000 so that she can disappear and start elsewhere. Rita seemingly agrees to help, and calls the bank to arrange the transfer.

2. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, as Harvey trial gets underway. Leanne enters the witness box, but as she stares the drugs baron in the eye, will she tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Or will she do as Harvey demands and refuse to give evidence? Sharon, in a shocking move, is called as a witness, and gives a damning report of how her nephew exploits vulnerable children for his own gain! Will Harvey at last pay for his crimes? And has Sharon really turned over a new leaf?

3. Todd and Billy worry for Summer’s wellbeing, and they later discover that she has collapsed following a dizzy spell. Summer is horrified when she realises that Billy and Todd think she’s got an eating disorder, but they’re all floored when she is diagnosed with type one diabetes. Summer struggles with the news, particularly when she learns that she’ll to manage her condition with injections.

4. Emma flirts with Curtis in the bistro, much to Tracy’s dismay. Tracy informs her that she needs to play hard to get and stop appearing too eager, and she seemingly takes her advice, as Curtis is later left confused by her noticeably cooler attitude! Steve urges Emma to ignore Tracy’s advice, but as she goes too see Curtis to explain, she witnesses him heading towards a glamorous woman!

5. Carol struggles with Double Glammy, and Sean bungs her £50 to pay her rent. She wants out, but Daisy point blank refuses to tear-up her contract – much to Sean’s horror! Sean later finds Carol unconscious on a bench! He finally tells Eileen that Double Glammy is a scam.

6. When Fiz catches sight of Tyrone’s ‘T&A’ tattoo, she thinks he’s having a midlife crisis, and continues to mock him. Tyrone, meanwhile, receives a visit from a police officer, who informs him that Kirsty is dead! He turns to Fiz, and they discuss how they’re going to break this news to Ruby.

7. Daisy tells Jenny that she’ll take out a loan so that they can buy the pub together. Sean, however, wants Daniel to write an expose on how Double Glammy is a scam. Daisy secures a loan off the back of her Double Glammy earnings, but when she learns of Sean’s plan, she begs Daniel not to submit his article.


8. Kheerat hands Ben the money for Jags’ protection, and he comes to blows with Suki when it comes to light that he’s been paying Habiba’s rent! Awks. Kheerat, however, has enough and makes it quite clear that he’s going to start doing what he wants from now on, and therefore resolves to take Sharon out for the night.

9. Ben confronts Whitney about spending time with Callum. Whitney, however, advises him to talk to his husband, but he soon has other things on his mind when he sees Kheerat with Sharon and, feeling betrayed, he makes a phone call. Kheerat later breaks things off with Sharon, and opens up to Ben about the brief affair. Ben, however, is riddled with guilt. What has he done? And why is Suki crying when Kheerat goes to apologise?

10. Terry’s interest in properties on the Square raises Sonia’s suspicions. Kathy, meanwhile, goes on a date with the newcomer, and she’s surprised by the sheer amount of effort he’s put in. However, she later thinks her purse was stolen while out with Terry, and when Sonia learns Ruby’s house was broken into, she accuses her dad of both crimes!

11. Bobby opens up to Iqra about his relationship woes, and later things get steamy between he and Dana, as they return to the empty Beale household! Dana wakes up the following morning, having spent the night with Bobby. Bobby, however, decides its time to come clean, and therefore he reveals all – including what happened to Lucy!

12. Lola’s concerns about Isaac’s erratic behaviour continue to increase. Isaac’s obsession with Paul is a worry for her, but when she confronts him about it, he tells her that he just wants to share his excitement with the woman that he loves. Lola is touted to hear that he’s in love with her.

13. The police question Chelsea over the possession of stolen goods, much to everyone’s shock, and Jack suggests she ask Gray to be her lawyer. She does just that, and they flirt with one another, even after Gray agrees to represent her…

14. Iqra comes clean to Mila about having Nyangi arrested.


15. Jamie thinks Will is the culprit who’s been poisoning Kim, after Noah finds diazepam in his toolbox. He snaps a photo of the diazepam, and later shows it to Kim, who feels betrayed. Kim sets in motion a plan to have Will caught on camera spiking her drink, and he heads up to Home Farm. Jamie, however, later takes an alarming phone call, and when he arrives at Home Farm, he finds Will being arrested. And Kim’s lifeless body lies on the floor!

16. Nate breaks the news that the farm may be closed down, and asks Tracy to return to work. Tracy agrees, but she’s worried about leaving Frankie. Lydia steps in to babysit, but when she falls ill, Faith comes to the rescue. Tracy, however, locks horns with Faith over a mishap with Frankie’s dummy, and she tells Nate their daughter is safe with her and only her. Attempting to wipe germs off Frankie’s face, Tracy accidentally scratches her, and she ultimately breaks down.

17. Meena wants to move in with David, but he’s informs her she’ll have to wait, as he wants to spend some alone time with Jacob. Meena, however, starts to seee Jacob as something of an obstacle to her and David’s happiness.

18. Faith is desperate to help Liv, but it soon becomes apparent that she cannot open up to Chas about the pain she’s experiencing.

19. Liam and Leyla head off on their honeymoon.

20. Victoria drops her bombshell about Luke and Robert to Aaron.


21. Cher tells Romeo she wants to remove her birthmark with bleach. Romeo, concerned, tells Sylver, who ultimately agrees to take Cher to a consultation to get the birthmark removed. Mercedes, meanwhile, discovers she’s not pregnant, and when Cher refrains from telling him such a thing until after the consultation, Sylver rails at her. Cher then takes action regarding her birthmark – which leaves her in agony.

22. Tony, sick of being cooped up after Diane implemented a makeshift lockdown, resolves to go for a walk. When he sneaks out, however, Diane goes into labour! Tony, upon realising what’s happened, forces his way in, and pleads with Diane to go to hospital. She ultimately does, and gives birth to a baby girl, who they name Eva.

23. Mercedes is struggling in the wake of her pregnancy discovery, and after hitting the booze, she labels Cher as nothing more than a self-serving cow. Cher retaliates by stealing Diane’s newborn baby, and placing her beside Mercedes while she sleeps. Peri, who arrives at The Dog to replace Cher’s bandages, finds Mercy holding the baby! How will Mercedes explain herself?

24. Walter tells Toby all about how Phillip Baker has been spotted with his ‘teenage daughter’. Alarm bells ring for Toby, however, as he puts two and two together, and realises that Phillip is actually abuser Pete Buchanan. Oh, and Pete doesn’t have a teenage daughter! The young man resolves to put a stop to Pete, but Walter reckons he should refrain from telling Cleo about Pete’s presence in the village.

25. Shaq wonders if he and Sami might be brothers, and therefore he asks Verity if she would acquire him a sample of his DNA in the hopes of finding out who his real dad is.

Coronation Street airs Monday June 21 at 9pm, Wednesday June 23 at 9pm and Friday June 25 at 7:30pm on ITV. EastEnders airs Tuesday June 22 at 7pm, Thursday June 24 at 7:40pm & 8:05pm and Friday June 25 at 7:45pm on BBC One. Emmerdale airs Monday June 21 at 8pm, Wednesday June 23 at 8pm, Thursday June 24 at 7pm & 8pm and Friday June 25 at 7pm on ITV. Hollyoaks will air as normal on Monday-Friday at 7pm on E4.

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