Countdown's Anne Robinson slammed by fans for mocking contestants with 'rude' comments

COUNTDOWN'S Anne Robinson has been slammed by fans for mocking contestants with "rude" comments.

The 76-year-old presenter took over hosting duties on the Channel 4 show from Nick Hewer at the end of last month.

Anne was known for her cutting put downs during her time hosting The Weakest Link, and it seems she has kept her tongue sharp for her latest gig too.

On Monday's show, Anne mocked the Isle of Wight saying: "Today marks the sinking of the Mary Rose… some people will do anything to get out of going to the Isle of Wight.”

Then a contestant called Sue said she would like to go to Antarctica but Anne said it was "cold and desolate".

She then added: "You are used to it coming from Norfolk.”

'Mean-spirited and waspish'

Last week, Anne also took aim at champion Florence Cappleman-Lynes, saying: "She has got a double-barrelled name which is quite unusual in Rochdale.”

However Anne's jokes didn't go down well with some viewers, with one writing on Twitter: "She thinks she is still on the Weakest Link… tone of the programme has changed.”

Another tweeted: "She’s rude. Contestants and other presenters seem deeply uncomfortable.”

A third added: "Anne Robinson is too acerbic and dismissive to be a hostess. Mean-spirited and waspish.”

However, some fans found Anne to be a breath of fresh air on the show, with one writing today: "Going to put some positivity out here because all the other tweets are dreadful but I actually really enjoy Anne Robinson on #countdown she is hilarious and very modern tbh!!!"

Another added: "I may be in the minority, but I’m loving Anne Robinson’s acerbic humour on #Countdown. It’s A refreshing change from daytime fluffiness."

Before she started on Countdown, Anne seemed prepared for some viewer backlash, as she said: "Some [viewers] will loathe me because they’ll feel I’ve ruined their show.”

Countdown airs weekdays at 2.10pm on Channel 4.

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