Dancing On Ice star Perri Kiely’s ’embarrassing’ flaw in his lavish bachelor pad

Dancing On Ice star Perri Kiely has been in the public eye since he was just 12-years-old.

Since then the talented dancer, who stormed to victory in Britain's Got Talent with Diversity, has appeared on a raft of TV shows.

Now, he is hoping to be crowned Dancing On Ice champ as he competes in the final against Joe Swash and Libby Clegg.

Perri was awarded the first perfect 40 of the series last week and has a "very dangerous" and unprecedented stunt planned for the final.

The show's producer Dan Whiston has now told Sun Online that Perri is planning to showcase a new move during his performance. 

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He said: "I don't want to give too much away, but Perri's working on something that's never been done by a celebrity ever, ever, ever before. He's working on something really big.

"It's very, very dangerous. If he's there in the final I'm sure he'll do his best to do it. He's working on something very special."

And it seems Perri's hard work over the years has paid off as the 24-year-old lives in a very lavish bachelor pad.

Perri invited MTV Cribs in for a tour of his stunning home.

He has a massive living space with huge compfy sofas, and an immaculate bedroom with Perri admitting he "always makes sure my bed is made".

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On top of that, Perri also has a huge dressing room filled with rails and rails of clothes along with his impressive shoe collection made up of dozens of pairs of trainers.

One of Perri's prized possessions is a drawing of him as Harry Potter, which he's a huge fan of, and his home is filled with memorabilia from the hit books and films.

The Dancing On Ice finalist is also a big fan of Disney and cute items are placed all around his home.

But there is one very embarrassing flaw in Perri's crib – and it only becomes apparent when Diversity pals Jordan and Ashley Banjo pay him a visit while the film crew are there.

Perri admits the boys are always round at his "bachelor pad" – but it seems there's something pretty vital lacking from his pad.

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Jordan asks: "Have they seen your fridge? Your skeleton of a fridge?"

Perri insists he "has stuff in it" but Jordan and Ashley aren't convinced and go to check it out for themselves.

And when they open the fridge door it seems they're right – aside from many, many bottles of water there's nothing in there.

Ashley jokes: "You are an absolute disgrace. This is the legendary cribs and they look at fridges around the world and you've let the team down.

'Close that fridge door."

But Perri gets his own back for Jordan and Ashley revealing his fridge secret by instigating a Nerf gun battle.

Ashley will be hoping his pal goes all the way in the Dancing On Ice final, while other members of the Diversity crew will be cheering him on in the crowd.

  • Dancing On Ice is on ITV at 6pm tonight.

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