EastEnders heartbreak as Isaac Baptiste breaks up with Lola in exit twist?

EastEnders: Isaac's mum tries to get him to leave with her

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EastEnders couple Lola Pearce (played by Danielle Harold) and Isaac Baptiste (Stevie Basaula) have been facing a huge hurdle in their relationship over the past few weeks ever since Isaac was sectioned. Isaac had continued to push Lola away after refusing to see her, but things took a turn on Friday when another patient convinced Isaac to see Lola. Weeks ago, Isaac decided to come off his schizophrenia medication despite his girlfriend’s concerns and the teacher saw himself fall into a downward spiral. Eventually, he was sectioned, and his mother Sheree Trueman (Suzette Llewellyn) placed a lot of blame on Lola for not telling anyone what Isaac had done. Sheree may be looking out for her son’s best interests, but in scenes that aired on Monday night, she tried to convince her son to leave Walford with her. 

Isaac and Lola’s relationship has been on the rocks ever since he told her about his illness.

However, Lola stuck by him when he was sectioned and she told him she knew there could be some battles to face, but she was serious about them as a couple.

For this reason, Lola’s been devastated recently after turning up each day in hopes that Isaac would agree to see her, but to no avail.

She seemed ready to call it a day and accept their relationship could be over when finally, Isaac agreed to see her on Friday’s episode.

It came as another patient at the hospital called Jacqui asked him why Lola hadn’t been around as much lately.

During Monday’s episode, Isaac finally agreed to let Lola see him.

“Are you sure there’s nothing you want me to bring you for tomorrow?” she asked him as her visit came to an end.

“No,” he simply replied. “You’re all I need.”

As the couple embraced, Isaac’s friend, Jacqui who is also a patient chipped in: “Oh please, he’ll have a double cheeseburger, gherkins, no onions as they repeat on me.”

“You better go before she orders dessert,” Isaac joked.

When Lola had gone, he sat down with Jacqui to thank her for convincing him to see his girlfriend.

“I am pleased it worked out, she looks like a lovely girl,” Jacqui told him.

Isaac appeared to get emotional as he replied: “The best.”

Isaac went on to ask Jacqui about the scarf she was knitting as she admitted it was for her son, who she hadn’t seen in 10 years.

As he tried to convince her to contact her son, she said: “You sent your mum away when she tried to visit.”

“That’s different,” Isaac explained. “She’s always meddling and trying to control my life.”

“That’s what mum’s do,” Jacqui replied. “Maybe blondie isn’t the only one you should be talking to.”

After reflecting on what Jacqui said, Isaac decided to see his mum, Sheree. However, the conversation wasn’t what he expected as she tried to persuade him to leave the Square.

“Lola hadn’t mentioned that she’d been,” Sheree began. “Maybe she knew I’d think it was a bad idea.”

“And why would you think that?” Isaac asked as his mum replied: “The way you talk, it’s as if you think you’re going to walk out of here and everything will be the same as it was before.

“Your job…Lola…But jumping straight from here into a relationship, that’s a big transition. I am worried you’ll get sick again.

“Relationships can’t be your priority right now. Things have changed. People will look at you differently.”

“All I want is for you to get better,” she added. “Stay here for as long as you need to but when you’re ready we should go away for a while. I want us to go back to Trinidad.”


Viewers were left fuming after Sheree tried to convince Isaac to go away with her, leaving Lola in Walford.

Taking to social media, one viewer raged: “Sheree you CAN’T go back to Trinidad with Isaac. Stop controlling Isaac’s life.” (sic)

Another penned: “What?! Sheree wants Isaac to go back to Trinidad!”

A third added: “Surely Sheree can see that Lola is good for Isaac, she had no control when he stopped taking his meds.”

A fourth commented: “Sheree shut up and stop controlling Isaac‘s love life!”

“I understand Sheree wants to protect Isaac but by trying to get him to leave with her,” a fifth tweeted. “It’s like she’s hiding him away instead of supporting him in standing up for himself against ignorant people and doing what he wants.” (sic)

Will Isaac let his mum control his life once again and leave Walford and Lola behind?

EastEnders airs on Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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