EastEnders return, Corrie discovery and 23 more soap spoilers

There’s drama aplenty in upcoming visits to soapland, as Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) makes a huge decision in EastEnders, while Alya Nazir (Siar Khan) makes a huge discovery about Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) in Coronation Street.

Meanwhile, there’s devastation in store for Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) as he leaves baby Eve in the car in Emmerdale, while Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann) makes a sinister revelation in Hollyoaks.


1. Danny Hardcastle returns with an interesting proposition for Ben, who pretends he can understand what Danny is saying in an effort to keep up appearances, and he’s desperate to ensure that the dodgy businessman doesn’t get wind of his hearing loss.

2. Linda accompanies Sharon to register Kayden’s birth, but once they return, Sharon receives a phone call informing her that Dennis’ body is being released — and she’s left broken as a result.

3. Gray sets about rectify things with Whitney. It doesn’t take long for him to become riled once more, as he struggles to find anything in the vein of evidence that would incriminate Leo. However, he ends up making an interesting discovery as a result. In fact, after he does so, his confidence grows.

4. Chantelle does her best to hide her injuries from him, as she sets off and starts her new job at the call centre. Later in the week, Gray discovers the extent of the injuries he inflicted upon Chantelle, and he’s mortified as a result. he insists that such a thing won’t happen again, but Chantelle appears to be unconvinced, as she remains cold with her husband.

5. Danny discovers Callum’s involvement in the police and thus threatens him, which forces Ben to come clean about his hearing. With everything having gone pear-shaped, Ben lashes out at Callum and proceeds to storm off.

6. Everyone awaits the results of Whitney’s bail hearing.

7. Sharon makes a huge decision.

Coronation Street

8. Geoff continues to fill Yasmeen’s head with thoughts about what their life would be like abroad. However, in spite of her husband’s wishes, Yasmeen is adamant that she doesn’t want to leave because of Alya.

9. Alya discovers Geoff and a former girlfriend were charged with having caused an affray. She relays this information to Yasmeen, before imploring her to stay put. Yasmeen later asks Geoff about the fight he’d had with an ex, which prompts him to become angry, and thus he sweeps her plate of curry from the table — sending it straight to the floor. Yasmeen is terrified, but Geoff tells her not to wait up, as he heads into town.

10. David is upset as he learns that Shona is still refusing to see him, but matters are made worse when she learns she’s been in contact with Clayton.

11. A literary society talk takes place, and — when Roger has to pull out — Claudia suggests Ken could take part. He takes to the stage and reads aloud one of his short stories. When questions are asked from the audience, the first person to put their hand up is Norris.

12. Evelyn and TyronE pay a visit to the vets with Cerberus, and — while doing so — Evelyn bumps into old flame Arthur.

13. Gemma opens the door to find Bernie on her doorstep.

14. Alya goes to the police and reports Geoff — as she believes he must have a history of abuse.


15. Vanessa reveals to Tracy that she’s prepared a last will and testament — something which leaves her shocked. However, as she prepares for her operation and heads into theatre, will Tracy reveal this to anyone?

16. Paddy is concerned about Marlon, and thus he resolves to take his pal out for a drive with baby Eve. Problems ensue, as — during the ride — Marlon begins to feel unwell, as he experiences a dull ache in his arm. Paddy’s worried when his mate reveals the extent of the pain he’s feeling, and thus he comes to believe he’s having a heart attack.

17. They race to the hospital, and two paramedics help Marlon, but little does Paddy know he’s left baby Eve alone asleep in the car. The realisation eventually dawns on him, and he speeds to his car, but he’s horrified to realise that Eve is missing.

18. Andrea decides to play dirty in order to extract a confession from Kim, as she sets up a camera, before delivering an award-worthy performance in the hopes that it will result in her confessing to conspiring to kill Graham. Andrea seemingly succeeds in her mission, but is her excitement a bit premature?

19. Belle’s shocked when she sees for herself that Andrea and Jamie are back together.

20. After Laurel makes him apologise to Nicola for all the trouble he’s caused, Archie is up to his old tricks once again, as his secret campaign against Archie is back on with a vengeance.


21. Edward informs Diane that he’s planning on revealing their affair to Tony, and — later in the week — he learns that he’s won an award, and decides that he wants both Tony and Diane to be at the presentation as he accepts said award and delivers his speech, but Diane fears he’s going to reveal all.

22. Jordan asks Peri on another date.

23. Darren paints on a smile and promises Mandy that the old Darren is back, but when he’s alone in the flat he struggles once more. Mandy worries about his behaviour and relays her fears to Luke, Kyle, Cindy and Nancy but something strikes a chord with Kyle.

24. Ollie and Imran struggle to come up with an idea for their environmental project, but they later do a photoshoot about sustainability, and therefore Ollie dresses himself in a bin bag — something that he’s evidently not all that comfortable with. Imran takes the photos, while Tom plays the role of the wind machine.

25. Mitchell is determined to locate his dad in spite of what Martine and Walter have to say on the matter.

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