EastEnders spoilers for next week including Ben’s cruel betrayal and Mitch’s discovery

THINGS aren’t looking rosy for Ballum fans as Ben Mitchell is set to get arrested next week after betraying Callum Highway.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in EastEnders next week…

1. Gray scrabbles around for evidence to prove the truth

Gray is desperate to find the evidence he needs to prove that Leo’s death was an act of self-defence.

He’s delighted by a huge discovery that he thinks could clear Whitney’s name at her upcoming bail appeal.

2. Whitney is horrified by what Gray finds

But when Gray shares what he’s found with Whitney, she’s horrified by the shocking news.

At the end of the week, everyone nervously awaits the results of her latest bail hearing.

But will Gray’s evidence help justice prevail?

3. Ben gets a surprise visitor

Ben is shocked when notorious villain Danny Hardcastle turns up with a business proposition.

Ben is too proud to admit his hearing loss and instead struggles to understand what Danny is offering him.

4. Danny threatens Callum

Disaster strikes when Callum turns up and interrupts Ben’s meeting with Danny.

Ben is relieved at first to have his boyfriend there but when Danny learns of Callum’s involvement with the police, the shady character issues Ben with an ultimatum.

Ben is then forced to admit he’s deaf and is humiliated by the whole situation.

5. Ben betrays Callum 

Ben is so embarrassed by the whole situation that he storms out and heads to the pub.

While drowning his sorrows, he gets cosy with another man named Hugo at the bar.

6. Ben is arrested

Ben’s evening escalates rapidly when he steals Hugo’s car and takes it for a spin.

Disaster strikes later when he’s pulled over and arrested.

The whole saga leaves Callum facing a very difficult decision.

7. Keegan’s at his wits end

Keegan is still fuming about being the victim of a number of racial injustices.

When his younger sister Bailey asks for help with a school project, he lashes out at Mitch for not being honest with her about what challenges she may face in the future.

He then takes his frustrations out on Tiffany, who’s at the end of her tether with Keegan’s erratic behaviour.

8. Callum gives Tiffany advice 

Tiffany seeks advice from Callum about how to deal with Keegan and he does his best to support her.

But by the end of the week Tiffany has reached breaking point as Keegan continues to put strain on the relationship.

Could her marriage to Keegan be in trouble or will Keegan change his ways before it's too late?

9. Gray tries to make it up to Chantelle

Chantelle continues to reel from her injuries inflicted by Gray as she starts her new job at the call centre.

When Gray finally clocks the damage he’s caused, he’s mortified and insists it won’t happen again.

10. Mitch makes a huge discovery 

Mitch notices that Chantelle is struggling to manage a work and home life balance and offers to help out.

But as Mitch cleans around the house, he picks up Gray’s therapy card.

11. Chantelle panics

Chantelle is horrified when Mitch asks to know more about what Gray’s dealing with.

But will she tell Mitch the truth?

12. Sharon makes an important decision

Sharon is overwhelmed with grief when she gets the dreaded call to say Dennis’s body is being released.

Unable to imagine light at the end of the tunnel, Sharon makes a heart-breaking decision…

13. Ian covers his tracks

Sharon thanks Ian again for his support, leaving him wracked with guilt.

But instead of owning up to what he did, Ian hatches a plan to try and solve the situation.

But what is he planning – and will it pay off?

14. Isaac and Patrick make amends

Sheree is delighted when Patrick finally makes a breakthrough with his secret son Isaac.

Isaac is touched by Patrick’s efforts as he tries to get back in his good books.

Sheree couldn’t be happier about the boys putting their differences aside, but will it last?

15. Linda faces a bump in the road

Linda was devastated when she realised Mick had doubts when it came to her alcohol addiction discovery.

The landlady is set to face another setback next week when she spots Shelley at the school gates.

Linda apologises for her behaviour but is stunned when Shelley retaliates with some harsh words.

Linda is upset further when Shelley arrives at The Vic and tells new teacher Isaac about her booze addiction.

But when Linda refuses to be trod on, it’s Shelley who ends up humiliated.

16. Iqra and Ash clash over Suki

Tensions begin to rise between Iqra and Ash as they discuss Suki’s awful behaviour.

Are the Walford couple heading for trouble?

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