EastEnders spoilers: Mick and Linda lie about selling the Queen Vic to Shirley and Tina

MICK and Linda Carter lie about their shock plans to sell the Queen Vic next week in EastEnders but Shirley and Tina soon catch them out.

Mick makes the life-changing decision in upcoming scenes after Linda broke her sobriety and turned back to alcohol this week.

EastEnders fans know that Linda was at the centre of a dark storyline tackling alcohol addiction for months. 

But when Linda’s drinking nearly killed her and Mick during the soap’s 35th anniversary boat disaster, she was hit with a huge wake up call. 

Linda was faced with an ultimatum – fight her addiction or destroy her family.

Since then, Linda has been on a slow road to recovery with the support of her loved ones. 

But Mick was devastated this week when Linda seemed to hit an obstacle and turned back to the bottle. 

The event was a wakeup call for Mick, who realised that Linda’s living and working conditions would always be a setback for her sobriety. 

Mick then announced that it was time for them to move to pastures new – and to sell the Queen Vic.

In episodes of EastEnders set to air next week, Linda is wracked by guilt when she notices Mick’s low mood when an estate agent arrives to value the pub. 

Mick tries to put on a brave face for Linda, but she sees right through his positive facade. 

Linda then confides in Sharon and after some advice, approaches her husband with a solution. 

Linda suggests that Mick should keep the pub, but that she won't work behind the bar anymore. 

Mick considers the proposition but when a drunken Billy later shares some harsh truths and puts things into perspective for them, Mick announces that they’re selling up – and that his decision is final.

Mick and Linda agree to wait before sharing the upsetting news with Shirley and Tina. 

But it doesn’t take long for the secret to reach them, catching Mick and Linda out. 

How will everyone react to the life-changing news?

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