'Emily in Paris' Is Back and, OK, Fine, We'll Watch

‘Tis the season to disassociate! Darren Star’s Emily in Paris in back on Dec. 22, and we’re ready to hate-watch the titular American fail up against a foreign backdrop — in heels.

From what we can recall of the first season — which most of us probably watched through a seasonal wine haze — Emily moved to the titular Paris to do some sort of marketing for fashion and, despite everyone at her snooty job being snooty, she won their hearts with her aggressively normie Instagram account. She’s also in love with her neighbor, a hot chef with a hot girlfriend, and ended Season One by sleeping with him when she thought he was moving away.

Predictably, he does not, in fact, move and now things are complicated. Or, as Emily whines, I mean says, in the trailer, “Ever since I moved to Paris, my life has just been chaotic and dramatic, and complicated,” which prompts her formerly mean boss to muse, “Oh, Emily, you’re getting more French by the day!” Seems the cultural stereotypes are also back for another go. Oh, and she also meets “a fellow ex-pat who both infuriates and intrigues her,” so there’s that cliche to look forward to.

In 2020, Rolling Stone’s Maria Fontourna wrote about the runaway popularity of the show and why, despite it being pretty bad, we all watched it anyway: “One obvious answer, besides that Americans have bad taste, is that, in the year of our lord 2020 — which has rained down upon us the coronavirus, historic wildfires, battering earthquakes and hurricanes, and an apocalyptic-feeling election season — we’ll take easy and struggle-free wherever we can get it.”

Well, with Covid-19 showing no signs of disappearing for good, plenty of political strife, and more than a few high-tension trials on the docket, we’re guessing a good number of those viewers will be back for round deux.

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