Emmerdale drops hint that Jamie Tate is alive as mystery figure spies on Gabby

Emmerdale fans mourned the death of character Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) when he seemingly drowned following a horrific car crash back in September.

But ever since his car was dragged from a lake without his body inside, Jamie’s mum Kim Tate (Claire King) has been convinced that he’s still alive and well.

In fact, she’s adamant that her son is simply waiting to return to the village following the shock death of his late wife Andrea (Anna Nightingale).

And after last night’s episode, eagle-eyed ITV viewers think the soap legend might be onto something, as a mystery figure made their presence known.

In the latest hour-long instalment, fans watched as Jamie’s ex Gabby (Rosie Bentham) encouraged Kim to organise a memorial service for Andrea so that Andrea and Jamie’s daughter Millie (Willow Bell) can give her mum a send-off.

Eventually, Kim agreed – but it’s clear she has an ulterior motive and is hoping that news of Andrea’s memorial service could lure her son back to the Dales.

Kim approached Charles (Kevin Mathurin) and began to organise what the service should include and how it should run.

Later, Gabby, who gave birth to Jamie’s son Thomas last week, also visited Charles, telling him about Kim’s obsession that Jamie is still alive and that he could decide how to say goodbye to Andrea.

However, as Gabby looked after her baby, she got the feeling that someone close by was spying on her.

While she couldn’t see anything to prove it, the camera then panned to show a figure walking away, leaving viewers questioning whether it was Jamie or not.

The armchair detectives went wild after the scenes, flocking to social media to have their say on who the mystery man could be.

One said: “Kim Tate might be right about her son Jamie Tate.” Another theorised: “Someone is stalking Gabby. Might be Jamie? Who knows.”

While others commented: “Jamie is definitely back” and “Jamie was definitely hiding in those bushes”.

However, others wondered if a big soap twist could be coming and if the man was actually another character from the past.

Either way, the dramatic storyline is guaranteed to have viewers hooked as they wait to see whether Kim is right about Jamie or not.

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