Emmerdale fans convinced Jamie Tate will return from the dead as newbie arrives

Emmerdale viewers believe Jamie Tate will return from the dead once Andrea's mother Hazel arrives on the scene.

Following a dramatic car accident that saw his vehicle being plunged into a lake, Jamie hasn't been seen and his body is nowhere to be found.

Due to the crash being so catastrophic, several Emmerdale residents presume that Jamie may be gone for good.

But now fans believe that the arrival of Andrea's mother Hazel could mean Jamie will return and they they also believe that daughter Millie may know more about her father than she is currently letting on.

Taking to Twitter to share their views on the potential plot, one fan said: "Here's an idea – when Hazel (Andrea's mum) turns up at the memorial service and Milly wants to go with her I think she is someone hired by Jamie Tate."

Questioning the theory another fan replied: "Millie knows who she is so would know if it was a different person, surely?"

While a third viewer replied to the question and wrote: "Unless Jamie is working with her and will pay her for bringing Millie to him."

Although many believe Jamie has passed away, mum Kim is not so sure and is convinced that he could still be alive and well.

On Wednesday's programme, Kim told Millie that Jamie will be back soon and was preparing his room for when he arrives.

But Kim's irrefutable attitude concerned Gabby Thomas and she warned Kim to not tell Millie something that isn't true.

Next week, vicar Charles Anderson and Kim will conduct a memorial service for Andrea to help Millie and other Emmerdale residents grieve.

Convinced that the memorial will bring Jamie back, Kim is left disappointed when she sees Hazel arrive at the service and not her son.

But things go from bad to worst for Kim when Millie chooses to live with Hazel with immediate effect.

While packing her granddaughter's belongings, the realisation that Jamie might not be coming back finally hits Kim and she begins to break down.

However because viewers believe that Jamie is alive, could their theory be correct?

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