Emmerdale fans predict unlikely romance between Cain Dingle and Tracy Metcalfe

Eagle-eyed Emmerdale viewers were in a speculative mood on Wednesday as some predict that there could be potential romance in the air for Cain Dingle and Tracy Metcalfe.

Those who tuned into Wednesday evening's show would have seen a distressed Tracy trying to arrange Frankie's christening.

Frankie is the daughter of Tracy and Nate who was named after Tracy's father who unfortunately died while trying to save her from a fire at the sweet factory back in 2019.

While Tracy became increasingly annoyed by a goodie bag supplier on the phone, she happened to bump into Cain Dingle who is Nate's father.

A frazzled Tracy began to express her dismay to Cain and told him that everything is turning out to be "one big mess".

Trying to ease her anxiety, Cain reassured her and said his family would "be happy with a slice of cake".

Though the pair only had a brief exchange, Emmerdale viewers suspected there is definitely something more brewing between the two, which led them to air their views of the potential romance on Twitter.

One excited fan chimed: "#Emmerdale Cain and Tracy! I’m calling it ….."

While another said: "I love Cain and Tracy scenes."

A third penned: "No but how good would a Cain and Tracy affair be?"

After the crazy love triangle between Nate, Moira and Cain that took place in 2019, could Cain potentially seek revenge on his son?

Nate who was previously away from the show made his return to the village on Wednesday night.

The doting father was pleased to see Tracy and promised her that work hard to give her and Frankie "everything they deserve".

Earlier this year, Amy Walsh who plays Tracy Metcalfe on the show spoke openly about her character's birthing scenes.

Though Amy hasn't had children of her own yet, the star said she could definitely relate: "There’s loads of stuff I’ve not experienced myself but there’s always stuff that I can kind of relate to, she explained.

"It just took a bit more prep and research which came very easily from basically every single friend I’ve got and both my sisters have children.

"I sent some messages out the night before, saying ‘Guys, I’m giving fake birth tomorrow, what do you suggest, any tips?’

"And some came back like ‘Just imagine being hit by a bus, then beaten up by a professional boxer, then being rolled down a concrete hill and you’re about there."

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