Emmerdale Paul star scolded after accidentally leaking spoiler on This Morning

Emmerdale star Reece Dinsdale was scolded by soap expert Sharon Marshall on Tuesday’s This Morning, as she revealed he mistakenly leaked a spoiler.

The actor, who plays Paul Ashdale on Emmerdale, appeared on Monday’s edition of the ITV daytime show, discussing the explosive week ahead in the Yorkshire dales.

Emmerdale has confirmed one character will be killed off this week, bringing a nail-biting end to Paul and Mandy Dingle’s ill-fated wedding.

At one point during the interview, Reece revealed there were four potential victims, rather than three.

However, following up on his interview, Sharon revealed the number was classified information, as she playfully scolded the soap star.

She said the actor "blew a few secrets," adding: "You weren’t meant to know there were four people! Reece!"

On the show, Reece discussed the dramatic car crash which is set to shatter the foundations of the village, leaving one local dead.

Jimmy King, played by Nick Miles, will be behind the wheel of an out of control van, before he goes careening into the side of a building.

Weighing in on the stunt on This Morning, Reece admitted the tricky production had been "fantastically done".

‘"At the beginning you see three beds and you don’t see who’s in them, but you might see who is visiting those beds," he explained.

"Then by the end of this week the stunt comes to a conclusion, and I think a fourth member of the cast, one of the characters, is wheeled through as well.

"So we’ve got one of four who could meet their end."

Paul has been secretly abusing his son Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson), recently leaving him in hospital after a severe beating.

Mandy has no idea about Paul's violent behaviour, as the gambling addict pressured Vinny into keeping silent about the identity of his attacker.

With the wedding on the horizon, will the skeletons in Paul's closet finally get unearthed?

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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