Emmerdales Charity Dingles lies exposed in secret daughter scandal?

Emmerdale: Charity Dingle asks Al Chapman to go upstairs

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Emmerdale’s Sarah Sugden (played by Katie Hill) has been spending a lot of time getting to know newcomer Chloe (Jessie Elland) who is the sister of her heart donor. However, the pair are having to keep their new friendship a secret after Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) warned Sarah to stop seeing Chloe. Charity’s warning comes after Sarah felt uncomfortable when Chloe asked to feel her heartbeat. Despite Charity’s concerns, could there be another reason she is wanting to keep Sarah and Chloe apart? Could Chloe be Charity’s secret daughter?

In scenes that aired on Monday night, Noah (Jack Downham) and Sarah met up with Chloe in secret. 

Viewers also got to see Chloe open up about her past.

As she showed Sarah a video of her sister, Chloe said: “This is the video I was telling you about.”

“Can I have a look?” Sarah asked as Noah chipped in: “Is that Gem on the posh horse?”

“Yeah, his name was Blue,” Chloe replied. “She did dressage and she won stacks of rosettes and cups.”

As they continued to watch the video, Noah asked: “Is that your dad with the champagne?”

“Yeah, he spent a fortune on that horse,” Chloe said as she appeared to get emotional.

“He loved Gem was like him, you know, really competitive, always had to win.

“He could be good fun sometimes too, but he changed a little a bit after she was killed.”

Speaking about what he did for a job, she added: “Various things. He owns his own company, but he’s had to go away now for quite a while.

“Business, you know,” Chloe explained as Sarah chipped in: “A bit like my mum then.”

Chloe looked toward the grown-up and just nodded as Noah asked: “Are you all alone at home? Except (for) your mum?”

“No, there is the staff,” she replied. “I hang out with them quite a lot.”

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Later on in the episode, Noah and Sarah lied to Charity about where they had been.

“Come on then, what have you two been up to?” Charity asked as Sarah simply replied: “Nothing, we just hung out with a mate.”

Charity looked suspicious as she asked: “What mate was that?”

“You don’t know them,” Noah weighed in. “If you must know it was Chloe, my new girlfriend.”

Charity is suspicious of her children’s behaviour but how long will it be before she finds out the truth?

Or is Chloe’s sudden interest in Sarah be because they are actually related? 

Given Charity’s desire for the two not to be pals combined with the similarities in Sarah’s mum’s and Chloe’s father’s vague occupations, there are plenty of clues to fuel the theory.

Speaking about her upcoming storyline, Katie, who plays Sarah, recently told Inside Soap magazine: “I’m so pleased that Emmerdale is revisiting Sarah’s dramatic past.

“Sarah has a very problematic medical history, and doctors have told her that she might have a shortened life.”

She added: “Sarah is determined to learn about (her donor family), and I can tell you that she’s really determined.”

Despite Chloe’s sudden appearance, viewers have become suspicious of the newcomer with many taking to social media to share their thoughts.

@TheTateDynasty penned: “We are really intrigued by Chloe. She’s very mysterious and there is something odd about her interest in Sarah.”

Re tweeted: “Is it me or is that ‘Chloe’ suspicious? I don’t buy it at all?”

While Jordan added: “I definitely don’t trust this Chloe, just something about her if I was Sarah I would be careful.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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