Fallon, Seth Meyers Mock Trump Over Reports That He Denigrated Fallen Soldiers

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers ridiculed President Donald Trump on their respective late-night shows Tuesday over a damning Atlantic report that claimed he called fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers.”

Fallon threw out a litany of one-liners about the comments, which Trump has denied, even as several other news sources have confirmed the initial report. As The Tonight Show host quipped, “Other than the 245 times Trump has actually called someone a loser and a sucker on Twitter, he’d never say anything like that.”

Fallon noted that, in trying to refute the report during a recent news conference, Trump took the unique approach of trying to denigrate military leaders. “Because when you’re in a scandal about calling soldiers names, the best defense is to antagonize their bosses,” Fallon cracked, before breaking out his Trump impression: “Trump was like, ‘This goes all the way to the top, people — whoever is the chief of all the commanders…’”

Over on Late Night, Meyers touched on Trump’s comments toward the end of his “Closer Look” segments, noting that beyond the multiple news sources corroborating The Atlantic’s reporting, the story just makes sense. “It sounds exactly like something Trump would say,” Myers joked. “He probably thinks anyone who dies is a sucker.”

Myers also noted Trump’s criticism of top military brass and his dubious claims that active-duty soldiers like him, while Pentagon officials don’t because he’s against endless war. “Everyone believes you’re an anti-war activist,” Myers deadpanned. “I could totally see you marching on Washington in the Sixties with a beard and tea-shade glasses, holding a sign and smoking a joint, ‘It’s like Lennon said, give peas a chance!’”

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