Fiona Bruce details million pound ‘life-changing moment’ on Fake or Fortune

Fake or Fortune: Fiona Bruce discusses new series

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Fiona Bruce will soon be returning with a new series of Fake or Fortune? on BBC. On Tuesday night she appeared on The One Show alongside her co-star Philip Mould as they discussed what viewers could expect on the upcoming series of the antique show. While chatting about the show, Fiona described a “life-changing moment” on the programme.

The One Show viewers were treated to a clip from the new series of Fake or Fortune? On Tuesday evening.

The clip saw Fiona and art dealer Phillip discussing the value of a sculpture with its owners Neil and Barbara.

The couple had been using the sculpture as a doorstop, unaware of its true value.

However, Phillip indicated it could actually have a high value as it was potentially a Henry Moore sculpture.

Phillip said: “If we can prove that this is a one-off – not one of a series, but a unique object by a much loved, highly regarded sculptor of the 20th century – we could be talking in excess of half a million pounds.”

Neil and Barbara looked at each other eyes wide in shock at Phillip’s valuation.

“Who knows, could even be a million pounds,” Phillip remarked.

“Wow!” Neil exclaimed as Fiona questioned: “Up to a million?”

“That’s extraordinary,” Barbara remarked, highlighting once again that they’d been using it as a doorstop in the past.

As the clip from Fake or Fortune? came to an end, The One Show host Alex Jones said: “That is why we are hooked!”

The presenter asked Fiona more about the experience on the show: “How invested are you Fiona?

“I know you’ve been doing this for a long time now and your enthusiasm for it is brilliant.

“But, you must really get into it and be, you know, on the side of the people and wanting it so much to be real for them,” Alex added.

Fiona explained how she often feels connected to the guests on the show: “The thing is, for some people it is life-changing.

“So for Neil and Barbara, up to a million pounds, I mean I didn’t know you were going to say that when you said that Phillip.

“So I was as gobsmacked as they were. That is a life-changing moment,” she added.

Fiona noted there was another big moment in the series that filled the Fake or Fortune? team with emotion.

“There was not a dry eye in the house, including my own,” she confessed.

“You can’t help but care about these people because you are on that sort of journey, following that trail of clues with them,” Fiona concluded.

Fake or Fortune? airs Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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