Former detective reveals everything wrong with Unforgotten after string of police blunders

A FORMER detective has revealed everything wrong with Unforgotten after a string of police blunders.

The ITV drama returned last month much to fan delight and acclaim from critics.

It once again sees DI Sunny Khan and DCI Cassie Stuart investigate a cold case, this time around the discovery of a dismembered body in a scrap metal yard, with the team believing it had been stored in a domestic freezer for 30 years.

They soon discovered that a number of suspects were serving officers, and put out a public appeal for witnesses.

Roy Lambert, who worked on the trial of serial killer Steve Wright, also known as the Suffolk Strangler, has revealed how accurate the show has been with regards to a police investigation.

Roy certainly has experience of reopening a cold case, because after Wright was convicted of five counts of murder, he and his team started reinvestigating unsolved murders in the area to see if there was a link.

Speaking to, Roy said series four was a "poor interpretation" of what happens in a real cold case investigation.

He explained: "I do not think this is a cold case. It is a murder where the circumstances are set in the past. So in my view, it should be investigated by a major investigation team, not a cold case team.

"The scenes showing the examination of the crime scene do not portray how a crime scene should be forensically examined. It shows examples of cross-contamination issues, the detectives doing everything searching items, not respecting of scene protocols."

He continued: "There is a point in one scene where the male detective in the presence of the pathologist uses a pair of tweezers to pull back a sleeve to look at a tattoo which is later used to identify the victim. This should never happen!"

Roy said there were "several" other issues portrayed on the show that wouldn't happen in real life, such as a single detective being sent to search all the other items placed in store.

He said: "Searches should always be made by trained search teams, which are mostly uniform staff. This is unless there is a threat to life or searching for an offender on the run or for a public safety issue."

He added: "I believe this to be a poor interpretation of what happens in real life, I do accept however the difficulty TV programs have in portraying real-life investigations as they only have a limited time to do it."

However, fans have lauded the series, and many are gutted they can't binge-watch the whole season on ITV Hub.

Unforgotten airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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