Fred Armisen Is Hosting a Competing Oscars (Video)

Fred Armisen is raising the stakes this awards season.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum and on-again/off-again “Late Night” bandleader is hosting a competing Oscars, he told friend Seth Meyers on Monday night. Armisen’s version will be just like the real Academy Awards, just for rental cars.

“In the film industry, there’s, like, companies that rent out cars,” Armisen said. “Right? So I’m gonna have awards for, like, people who supply automobiles for movies.”

And Fred is being bold with the scheduling, slating his rental car awards directly against the actual Oscars. He’s counting on Meyers to choose his counter-programming to the Academy Awards — and to spread the word.

“Since, you know, you’re my friend, I’m asking you,” Armisen said. “Can’t you just say something to everyone? Like, ‘Hey would you mind tuning in for…’ — all I ask is an hour and a half.”

One of the top awards is Best New Car, of course. There are also rare cars and stunt cars — it’s starting to sound like a really good show.

Watch the video below.

For those who still prefer the real deal (or at the very least, a real show), the actual 95th Academy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will air live on ABC on Sunday, March 12, 2023. It will be Kimmel’s third time as Oscars host; he previously hosted in 2017 and 2018.

“We’re super thrilled to have Jimmy score his hat trick on this global stage. We know he will be funny and ready for anything!” 2023 Oscars executive producers and showrunners Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner said in a statement to media last month.

The “anything” there could refer to either Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at last year’s Oscars or the Best Picture snafu Kimmel oversaw in 2017. In addition to Weiss and Kirshner, Molly McNearney will also executive produce.

“Jimmy is the perfect host to help us recognize the incredible artists and films of our 95th Oscars. His love of movies, live TV expertise, and ability to connect with our global audiences will create an unforgettable experience for our millions of viewers worldwide,” Academy CEO Bill Kramer and Academy president Janet Yang said in a joint statement. “With Kimmel, Weiss and Kirshner’s fresh perspective and masterful guidance, the Oscars will celebrate its rich 95-year history, the collaborative nature of moviemaking, and our diverse, dynamic and deeply creative community of filmmakers.”

In addition to the ABC broadcast, the Oscars air live in more than 200 territories worldwide. That’s a few more than Armisen’s version, we’re sure.

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