Friday Night Live viewers gobsmacked as comedian strips naked on Channel 4 show

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    Things took an unexpected turn during Channel 4's Friday Night Live after comedian Jordan Gray stripped naked during her act.

    The transgender comic who has quickly become one of the UK’s most exciting and celebrated up and coming comedians took to the stage to sing a playful tune.

    But viewers at home and in the studio were left shocked when Jordan decided to take off her vibrant pink suit once she finished her charming song.

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    Jumping around the stage, Jordan was completely naked as she used her genitals to help her play her keyboard.

    Seeing her flamboyant display, fans quickly headed to Twitter to share their thoughts.

    One viewer penned: "Wow. What performance have I just seen! Haha."

    Another shared: "May get cancelled, brilliant show tonight.

    A third simply said: "OMG."

    Meanwhile a fourth added: "It was actually musically very good and I enjoyed the song. Not sure the disrobing was actually necessary, the song was good enough."

    When Jordan first started in the comedy circuit her act consisted mainly of her music career and "naturally, a lot about being transgender".

    She told the Guardian: "People go into a show with an inherent tension about certain things. If you can pop that, you get an easy laugh and then we can start a dialogue. But even from that very first gig, no cliches."

    Channel 4's Friday Night Live was met with mixed reviews after the broadcaster decided to push Gogglebox to Saturday night instead.

    Sharing their annoyance, a number of Gogglebox fans took to Twitter.

    One angry spectator penned: "Friday nights without #gogglebox just feel wrong," while another added: "This is dire. #FridayNightLive #Gogglebox I think channel 4 have gone back 10 years with this comedy. This guy reminds me of a shit 90s comedian."

    But despite the uproar, many were pleased that the comedy show had returned to screens while giving new comedians the chance to showcase their talent on the main stage.

    Offering an opposing view, fans who were in favour of the show shared their thoughts online.

    "Well I really enjoyed that, top work Ben Elton and CH4, more please!" One viewer chimed.

    While another echoed: "Ben Elton is genius. The rest of the show up and down but it should come back. B***dy brilliant."


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