Game of Thrones fans call out Jaqen H’ghar blunder after Arya Stark’s Faceless Men blackmail twist – The Sun

THE Faceless Men were among the most mysterious factions in Game of Thrones – but fans have noticed something amiss with their strict code.

The master assassins, known for their shape-shifting prowess, were headed up by Jaqen H’ghar, played by Tom Wlaschiha.

Jaqen took Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) under his wing and trained her in the arts of stealth and combat after she met him during a stint of imprisonment.

He subsequently promised her three kills, offering to take out three of her enemies as payment.

Arya turns things on him when she says he must kill himself as her third choice if he doesn’t break them out of prison, and he duly obliges.

However, fans have taken to Reddit to claim that such a bargain goes completely against the code of the Faceless Men, who value their word above all else.

User jraikin explained: "So in season two Arya saves Jaqen H’ghar from burning to death and he promises her to kill three people for her no matter what.

"Arya blackmails him for the third kill by saying he either kills himself or help her escape. I’m confused why this is difficult for him and he doesn’t choose to kill himself.”

They insisted that Jaqen could have simply taken his life, before regenerating in a different form, so the bargain had no real stakes.

"If he is truly 'no one' then why couldn’t he have killed himself the same way he did seasons later with the poison, and then appearing in a different body, as he is truly 'no one'?" they went on.

"So what does it matter if Arya requests him to kill himself? Does he just want to help Arya out?"

The post received plenty of upvotes and messages of agreement from like-minded fans.

However, one opponent claimed that Jaqen would simply succumbed to his humanity, despite his seemingly god-like abilities.

They wrote: "Could be seen as foreshadowing that despite the hype, the faceless men are still humans with an identity that they weren’t perfectly happy to give up, just as Arya doesn’t later on."

Jaqen H’ghar hasn’t been the only subject of fierce debate among Game of Thrones fans recently.

Earlier this week they called out a plot hole with Cersei’s slaughter of the Tyrells and the siege on Highgarden.

Elsewhere, Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju was diagnosed with coronavirus and updated fans as he self-isolated at home in Norway.

Meanwhile Emilia Clarke branded Jon Snow’s fate in the show’s finale “annoying,” raging that he “got away with murder.”

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