Gemma Atkinson opens up on traumatic childbirth as she plans for second baby

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Gemma Atkinson opened up about her traumatic birth with her first child in an exclusive chat on Steph's Packed Lunch.

The 37-year-old star has been honest about her labour in the past but has since given a deeper insight into how it has impacted her afterwards on the Channel 4 show.

She welcomed daughter Mia, now two, in 2019 when she had to have an emergency C-section after her baby's heart rate dropped dramatically.

Gemma then suffered a haemorrhage after the birth, losing almost a whole litre of blood.

Following the ordeal, Gemma shared on her social media what she had gone through to express that it doesn't always go to plan.

The Hollyoaks actress revealed that she suffered nightmares afterwards that someone was taking Mia away from her.

She said: "All these things were going through my mind, what did I do that caused all that to happen? I was telling myself for weeks and weeks I’d failed at childbirth.

"I was having horrible dreams that someone was going to take Mia from me. I remember my mum running in my bedroom and I was sat up screaming, sweating."

Gemma recalled particular moment when she was with her mum and Mia was in the pram and a lady said her birth wasn't a 'success'.

However, Gemma's mum defended her by saying: "It was a huge success, Mia’s there, Gemma’s here, total success."

This caused Gemma to understand that despite there being complications at birth, her body had got through it and done her 'proud'.

During the segment, Gemma met another mum who had also gone through PTSD as a result of a traumatic childbirth.

Despite going through the difficult time, Gemma said she'd like to have a sibling for Mia.

She said: "I’m at the stage where I want a sister or bother for Mia.

"The first few months of Mia’s life, I kept saying to my partner, Gorka, I’m not going through that again. I’ve now come of it and I feel I could."

Gemma explained that meeting other women who have had difficult labours has made her feel like she isn't along and anyone in the same position should ask for help.

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