Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle on his transformation from ultimate lad to doting dad

Gary Beadle has opened up about his transformation from the ultimate party lad to a doting loving dad.

The 31-year-old rose to fame on MTV show Geordie Shore , and quickly earned a reputation as the Toon's top shagger.

But these days, he's living a much quieter life with his fiancée Emma McVey and their two children, Chester, two, and Primrose, three months.

His life is still captured on camera for the reality hit's spin-off Geordie OGs, where Gary stars alongside Aaron Chalmers, Holly Hagan, Marnie Simpson and Sophie Kasaei.

During an exclusive chat about the second series with Mirror Online, Gaz dished on how much he loves his new calmer lifestyle, and how Emma managed to tame him after his wild days.

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He told us: "I wouldn't say she 'tamed' me, it was just the right time.

"We'd been speaking for a while and she's one of the only girls as well who was never a***d about going to showbiz events and getting papped.

"She doesn't mind Instagram stuff, she DMs mums and likes talking about the babies, but if I asked her to do a pap shot she'd say no.

"She's just so down to earth. Even now, I'll say, 'Let's go to M&S' and she just says 'No let's just go to Asda'.

"It's nice to have someone like that because on the other hand you could have someone who's really pretentious and materialistic and she's not, she's just so dedicated to them kids.

"She wouldn't care if she didn't have a night out for the next 10 years.

"She's just a normal, really good mum and it keeps me very grounded.

"I feel like I live a normal life now."

While Gaz loves being a part of Geordie OGs, which follows him and the other 'Original Geordies' in their everyday lives, he admitted he almost didn't sign up.

Gaz, who famously had an on-off relationship with co-star Charlotte Crosby, said: "I was so sceptical about doing the first series.

"The way Geordie Shore was put together, a week is like 40 minutes so they can pick out the crazy parts.

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"Obviously I trust MTV but I worried, could I be playing with my kid and have an hour of nice playing then he'll cry and they'll just show that bit?

"I spoke to them a lot and I was really nervous.

"Again, you're not drunk and it's my kids and I thought, do I want to show this?"

But Gary decided it was time to show people the real him.

He told us: "People still came up to me in the street like, 'Yes Gaz' wanting to high five me and stuff and I realised that's the last memory people have of me and what they'll always know me for.

"So I thought it'll be nice to show people there's a total other side to me – you can grow up to be a dad, you can stop partying so much and it's okay to just chill out and have a kid, it's okay, and do you know what it is, it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

"I couldn't imagine not having Chester now, he's my little best mate.

"It was nice to put that on TV and show people this other side to me and now I get people messaging me about  bath toys and prams and asking about the baby."

Gary says he tried to show both the positive and negative on the reality show, including the difficult hospital visits with baby Primrose.

He said: "For a while she was really badly constipated and she was in and out of hospital having loads of tests and that was one of the hardest times of my life.

"I tried to film as much of it as I could but ended up doing a lot of it on green screen and through videos I had on my phone.

"Again I think that's important. Instagram shows parenting like it's easy.

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"We were putting up pictures of Primrose in hospital to show it's not always perfect. They get acid reflux, they have problems with their bowls, and the amount of people messaging me to thank me for sharing it was great."

The Gaz we know now is barely recognisable now from the lad we met back in 2011, who was such a confident ladies' man that he declared he should "have a degree in pulling women".

Now he's a devoted partner to Emma and a loving father to Chester and Primrose, who tries to lead as normal an existence as he can.

He said: "Life is totally different for me now, but I've done 10 years of partying and I was going out six nights a week from 21 to 30. I don't regret it, it was having the best time of my life, but you get to 30, 31 and you don't want to do it anymore.

"All the people who watch Geordie Shore have grown up with us and are getting houses, having kids and getting engaged so it's a whole new audience for us.

"I like doing the show because it's really important and really relatable."

And when asked if he's planning on having any more kids with Emma, he cheekily told us: "If you've got two, you might as well have three."

* Geordie OGs airs Wednesdays at 9pm on MTV

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