GMB fans fume its not an easy watch as Kate Garraway cuts off Andi Peters

Good Morning Britain viewers have been debating whether it is acceptable to urinate in the ocean, and as Andi Peters went to share his thoughts, he was cut off by Kate Garraway.

He began telling her that he had an opinion on the debate and started explaining his thoughts, but Kate immediately shared her excitement that he had an opinion.

She carried on speaking while Andi was also sharing his opinion – and viewers were quick to share their frustrations over the pair tried to talk over one another.

Andi said: "Before we get to that very quickly, I wanted to escalate the weeing in the sea conversation," but was cut off before he was able to speak further.

Kate said: "Thank you Andi, thank you very much for coming to my aid and engaging in this debate, I have to say our viewers are flooding in with their comments."

While Kate was responding to Andi, he could be heard stuttering over his words as he tried to share his thoughts before coming to a stop as Kate finished.

When Andi started speaking, he revealed that one of his friends confessed to weeing in the shower, which came as a shock to Kate – who has been supporting the weeing in the ocean message.

As Kate said that she wouldn't urinate in the shower, the debate raised eyebrows – but mostly in the direction of Kate and Andi as the pair were unable to speak in turn.

Taking to Twitter one user wrote: "Why does everyone talk over each other on GMB? It's like white noise."

While another said: "Kate let someone else talk they are also getting paid!"

Meanwhile, a third person added: "It'll be a battle to see who can cackle and shriek the loudest. Not an easy morning watch."

However, it does make it a challenge with Kate in the studio while Andi is out showing off the daily competition.

Their discussion on whether it is acceptable to urinate in the ocean or not comes after long discussions also saw Hugh Jackman agree that it can be done.

When quizzed by ITV last night, he said: "I mean if the fish do it, what's wrong with us doing it? When you're out there surfing it's a long way to go back."

GMB returns tomorrow on ITV at 6am.

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