GMB staff desperate for Piers Morgan return amid falling ratings since his departure

Meghan and Harry need to ‘pipe down’ says Piers Morgan

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After his infamous walk-off on Good Morning Britain, the ITV show hasn’t seen the viewing figures that it once did. Audiences used to tune in every week in preparation for Piers Morgan to deliver his take on the latest headlines as well as grill his guests and politicians on topical issues. However, it seems that GMB is struggling to fill the former host’s shoes and an insider has revealed that “morale is low” as the show struggles to hit the records made when Piers was at the helm.

Following Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Piers dismissed the claims made by the Duchess of Sussex on GMB and doubted the accuracy of her time with the Royal Family.

Piers began a tense on-air argument with co-host Alex Beresford as they discussed the Duchess’ claims of mental health issues and the claims of racism she suffered from her new family.

Alex was extremely critical of Piers’ words about Meghan and the two continued arguing.

However, the former host then stormed off live on-air and quit the show later that day after he claimed he’d refused to apologise for his remarks.

It has since been reported that dwindling ratings has left some members of staff wanting the Life Stories host back.

The Daily Mail reports that some staff on GMB want Piers back and noted that audiences don’t discuss the show as they once did now he has left.

Insiders revealed that “morale is on the floor” behind-the-scenes and the series has struggled to pick up after they employed a series of guest hosts to fill Piers’ shoes.

The ITV show had a 1.9m viewership back when the former host had his infamous meltdown over the Duchess.

However, things have declined drastically and the ITV team is worried as they don’t “pull in big interviews” anymore as Piers was the main reason figures shot up as much as they did.

The source told the publication: “‘Everyone on the show would absolutely love to see Piers come back because, in many ways, they feel that’s the only way the ratings dive can be reversed.’

An ITV spokesperson defended the numbers, however, telling the publication: “GMB’s audience share year-to-date stands at 22 percent, which is in line with 2020, and up on 2019’s audience share by 1.2 share points.”

They added: “The show’s audience is holding up well therefore in 2021, and is also posting year-on-year increases for family audiences, and 16-34 year old viewers.”

However, it has been reported that numbers fell under 500,000 only two months ago, with Piers noting the “tumbling ratings” in an article in the Mail on Sunday.

The spokesperson later noted that the audience is “holding up well” this year. 

After the incident in March, Ofcom received 57,000 complaints over Piers’ dismissal of Meghan’s claims, with the Duchess even complaining to Ofcom herself. 

His replacements, which have included Richard Madeley, Richard Bacon, and Alastair Campbell, were not successful and Campbell, in particular, was deemed a “low point” for the show, a source revealed.

It seems the “chopping and changing” of hosts has made it difficult for GMB to make its mark without Piers.

The insider also stated that “morale is on the floor” since his departure and whether or not audiences liked Piers, “he got the ratings up”, which guaranteed the big interviews.

Piers’ has remained at ITV since his GMB exit, however, continuing to front his Life Stories series.

There had been rumours he’d been tapped to appear on GB News following his departure, but this never happened.

As it stands, Piers is currently without a news anchoring role and a return to breakfast time TV is yet to be announced.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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