GMB’s Kate Garraway facing ‘real struggle’ with children as Derek remains in hospital

GMB: Kate Garraway says homeschooling ‘a real struggle’

Kate Garraway shared an insight into her home life during third national lockdown as she spoke out on the “struggle” of homeschooling children Darcey and William as husband Derek Draper remains in hospital after contracting coronavirus in March 2020. The Good Morning Britain host admitted it’s an issue many across the country are dealing with.

“It’s Friday,” Kate began. “There’s a collective sign of relief I think to anybody who’s locked into the torture of homeschooling.

“First time around I was somewhat distracted at the time but first time around a lot of people found nice. 

“The sun was shining, great time with the children, let’s see what those teachers are doing and very quickly how brilliant teachers are.

“And this time around it’s a real struggle, isn’t it?”

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