Gogglebox's Lee shares hilarious pic of Jenny with Line of Duty's Steve Arnott in crossover NOBODY saw coming

GOOGLEBOX's Lee Riley has shared a hilarious pic of Jenny with Line of Duty's Steve Arnott.

In a crossover that nobody expected, the reality star posted the amusing photo which has garnered over 18,000 likes.

The snap showed Lee's best mate Jenny Newby photoshopped alongside Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming in the infamous Line of Duty interrogation room, home to some of the most intense scenes on the show.

She was reading through the trusty notebook she uses to keep up with the events of each episode while sporting a confused look on her face.

The caption began: "Mother of God", one of Superintendent Hasting's catchphrases, and then continued: "is Jenny the new Hasting at AC12 any excuse to sit next to Steve arnott," along with a series of laughing emojis.

Fans loved it as one replied: "I've never seen a single episode #LineOfDuty but Jenny makes my week with her notebook," while another chuckled: "I need Jenny to pop round to mine on a Sunday with her notebook – I get really lost!"

Last week, one half of popular Gogglebox duo Lee admitted he'd had sex outside "loads of times" – and that he "might be a naturist".

Jenny turned to her pal and asked: "Have you had sex outside?"

Lee casually replied: "Loads of times", to which his shocked co-star exclaimed: "Have you?!"

Lee went on: "Yeah, I think I'm a naturist."

Jenny shook her head as she hit back: "I think you're a mucky b**tard."

Earlier in the programme, Jenny was among the Gogglebox stars to break down in tears at tributes to Prince Philip.

She, Shirley Griffiths, and Mary Kellen were supported by their partners as they sobbed at the news of the Duke's death at the age of 99 last week.

Mary and her husband Giles even changed into black clothing to mark the beginning of their official week of mourning for the royal.

Gogglebox airs on Channel 4

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