‘How dare you!’ Piers Morgan tears into health secretary over changing coronavirus plans

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was quite eager to discuss the ongoing coronavirus crisis with his plethora of guests. He was, however, extremely interested in speaking with Health Secretary Matt Hancock about the ongoing actions being used to combat the virus.

Morgan began speaking of doctors and nurses: “They are ill equipped and terrified. What are you telling your NHS staff?”

The chat began quite amicable, as Hancock replied: “You’re right, Piers. Our NHS staff are going in to care for people, and they have got to have the equipment they need.

“I am making sure they have got the equipment – the masks first and foremost – and we’ve brought in the army to make that distribution work.”

But Morgan quickly hit back to question: “Why is the government doing nothing to lock down the country?


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“Why is it these all other countries are in total lockdown and we are seeing these catastrophically stupid scenes of people piling into events!

“And still, the Prime Minister stands at that podium and says ‘my advice is to not do this.'”

Morgan starkly added: “I think every day we are not locking down we are putting those very health workers at greater risk.”

Hancock jumped in to retort: “Over the weekend I signed new laws to allow police to enforce the bans on these pubs and restaurants,” but Morgan quickly interrupted.

“Given it’s costing lives,” he began. “Why is [the Prime Minister] not mandating it? Why is he not locking down the country, if that is the strategy? Lock the country down!”

Morgan then addressed comments made by Sir Patrick Vallance on BBC Radio earlier this month.

Detailing this chat, Morgan furiously pointed out: “With respect Health Secretary, the strategy has not been the same all along. Please don’t insult my intelligence by saying we have followed the same plan.”

He went on to add: “I’m seeing the NHS getting run down. I’m seeing the leader of this country refusing to lock down the country.”

To which a furious Hancock responded: “As Health Secretary I am working every hour there is.

“And the tittle-tattle that you are talking about – I am not going to engage with.”

This was not what Morgan wanted to hear, as he exploded into a tirade against the government official.

“Tittle tattle?” he exclaimed. “How dare you!”

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