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THE Walking Dead has enjoyed a bloody thirsty season 10 thanks to the introduction of Alpha.

But in the original comic book she meets a grisly end – and here's how it happens…

How does Alpha die in The Walking Dead comic series?

Alpha dies a brutal bloody death when she is decapitated by Neegan.

He murders the leader of the Whisperers after he’s released by Brandon Rose, who was hoping the baseball bat-wielding villain would actually help him.

Instead, Brandon is killed by Negan who then infiltrates the Whisperers as he weighs up his next move.

As he grows closer to Alpha he gets her to confess her weaknesses and then kills her by slicing her across the throat before holding her head in the air.

Will Alpha die this way in The Walking Dead TV show?

Many fans of The Walking Dead have been wondering if the show will follow the comic and will see Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kill Alpha (Sam Morton).

However, The Walking Dead Dead has previously diverged from the source material.

A good example of this was when Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) was killed off, so there’s nothing to suggest this won’t happen again.

What has Sam Morton said about Alpha being killed off?

Sam Morton, who plays Alpha in the hit TV show, has spoke about her character's demise.

She joined the series in Season 10A as the bloodthirsty leader of the Whisperers.

In January 2020 she said to Red Carpet News: "Is it coming to an end? That’s what you assume.”



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