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OUR Girl is back on our screens for a fourth season – but, sadly, it will be Michelle Keegan's last outing in the popular drama.

Here's all you need to know about the BBC hit, plus when the finale will air.

How many episodes in Our Girl series four?

This season sees Michelle Keegan take the starring role for six episodes.

This follows on from a 12-part series three, which was split into two parts.

The first and second seasons of the military drama consisted of five episodes each.

The finale is airing on Tuesday, April 28, 2020.

When is Our Girl next on BBC One?

The next episode of Our Girl is airing TONIGHT (Tuesday, April 21, 2020).

This fourth season will see Michelle Keegan reprise her role as British Army medic Georgie Lane for the very last time.

Keegan said: "Being in Our Girl has been one of the highlights of my career so far.

"I feel very lucky to be part of the show and I'm really excited that it's coming back.

"The audience response has been so positive and I think Georgie is a character who resonates with viewers.

"I absolutely love playing the role.

"Be prepared for another incredible series – Georgie's still got unfinished business."

Back in July 2018, The Sun exclusively revealed that Michelle had signed up for another series of the hit BBC drama.

A TV source said at the time: “Producers think that Michelle has been really good for the show, after taking over from Lacey Turner, and were keen to write her into a further series after developing her character.

“They have some meaty ­storylines lined up involving both action and romance.”

But in January 2020, Michelle said she was quitting the show to spend more time with her husband Mark Wright.

What will happen in Our Girl series 4?

Filming began back in May 2019, in South Africa, but the show sees Georgia returning to Afghanistan.

In April 2019 , the actress gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at season four in a snap of her cradling a toddler while dressed in military gear.

The six episodes begin one year on from 2 Section's tour of Bangladesh.

After being a corporal, the lovable Georgie has now been promoted to Sergeant and is training medics while living with her family back in Manchester.

However, some of her old comrades are desperate to have her back on the front line in Afghanistan, to which Georgie initially declines.

But disaster strikes on a night out with a near-fatal incident, which forces Georgie to face her fears.

She reluctantly goes back into the Army for her fiancee Captain Elvis Harte, who was killed in action.

The show's creator Tony Grounds explains that this will not be easy.

He said: “With the Taliban controlling large swathes of the country and Georgie Lane’s haunting memories of Elvis lost last time she was in the country, this mission was never going to be easy.”

The series three finale ended on a cliffhanger with Georgie under fire, after striking up a potential romance with Captain Charles James, played by Ben Aldridge.

The Army medic finally gave in to her feelings after being injured by an explosion as it was revealed the Captain's marriage to previous Our Girl lead Molly Dawes was over.

Elsewhere, Maisie and Rab also gave into their feelings for each other that led to Rab even popping the question.

In the final few minutes, viewers watched in horror as 2 Section attempted to flee from an armed cartel and were left with no choice but to leap over a cliff.

The – quite literal – cliffhanger left fans fearful that Michelle wouldn't be returning for another series.

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