Ill kiss everyone in Question Time audience when its back, laughs Fiona

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Fiona, 57, was so pleased, she wanted to embrace them all.

She had told a magazine: “When the live audience comes back I will kiss every single one of them, whether they like it or not!”

Questions were posed to the panel remotely during the pandemic.

Fiona added: “There is no substitute for having people actually there, seeing what they want to talk about and gauging their reactions when politicians speak. Having a live audience makes the programme an event – it’s the bit I enjoy most.”

The mother of two, married to businessman Nigel Sharrocks, 65, cuts a casual figure on October’s Good Housekeeping cover. Talking about balancing work and raising children, she said: “It definitely helped having the same nanny living with us for 20 years.

“Did I spend enough time with my children? Scratch the surface of any working woman and she will always think, ‘probably not’. But there’s never been any question they take precedence over everything.”

Asked if she thinks herself ambitious, Fiona said: “When I started, I got asked that time and again. I was thoroughly sick of it. I never heard a man being asked that.”

  • Good Housekeeping is on sale from today. Question Time returns on Thursday, September 16, on BBC1 at 10.45pm

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