In The Heights post-credits scene: Does In The Heights have an after credit song?

In the Heights: Anthony Ramos stars in musical trailer

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Today marks the release day of In the Heights, a musical based on a Broadway show which was originally penned and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The star is best known for creating Hamilton, the other hit Broadway show, which saw a release on Disney Plus in 2020. The film tells the compelling story of Usnavi (Anthony Ramos), his goals and the tight-nit community around him that supports him at every turn.

Is there a scene after the credits in In the Heights?

WARNING: In the Heights spoilers ahead.

Yes, there is a post-credits scene during In the Heights.

The film’s post-credit scene continues the rivalry between Miranda’s character Piraguero and Christopher Jackson’s character Mr Softee.

Earlier in the film, Piraguero became frustrated when the youth of Washington Heights opted to buy ice cream rather than his delectable piragua.

A sense of gentrification was felt throughout the film, as the residents of the Heights were priced out of their own neighbourhood. This theme was exemplified with the arrival of ice cream over piragua.

But Piraguero got the last laugh in the post-credits scene,

During the extra scene, Mr Softee’s ice cream truck is shown broken down leaving his business in disarray.


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With Mr Softee’s truck left in tatters, the children of the Heights flock to Piraguero’s cool treat cart.

To celebrate, Piraguero sings a little tune to the children buying the treat from him.

This extra song was originally seen in the Broadway version of the story.

In the film, Miranda sings the song, Piragua, halfway through the film, but the stage show gives him a reprise.

Hamilton: Lin-Manuel Miranda stars in trailer for Disney musical

The added scene at the end of In the Heights acts as a reprise for the character, and the song.

Miranda executive produced the film after creating every aspect of the stage show in the early 2000s.

Speaking about why he wrote the show in the first place, the artist revealed: “I wrote [the first draft of In the Heights] on a winter break [from college]. I didn’t sleep. My long-term girlfriend went abroad.

“So suddenly, I had all this time, and all this angst, which are two of the ingredients you need the most when you’re 19 years old.”

Miranda went on: “I think that was a big part of me being able to access more of myself in my writing.

“Everything I’d written prior to then kind of sounded like [Rent creator] Jonathan Larson, kind of musical theater-ish, rock-ish stuff.”

The singer and songwriter added: “But I didn’t bring any of my culture to it or any of my heritage to it.”

In the Heights is out now in cinemas.


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