Inside Little Couple star Bill Klein’s adorable pet boutique featuring a doggie spa, bakery and selfie stations

BILL Klein is not only one of the stars of Little Couple, but he is also the owner of the pet store Rocky & Maggie's.

The Houston-based pet store features an adorable doggie spa, a bakery for beloved pets and selfie stations.

The pet store, which is named after the Bill and wife Jen Arnold's dogs, sells pet supplies and grooming services.

Rocky & Maggie's supports rescues and charities based in the Houston area.

In addition to offering grooming services, pet owners can purchase fun clothes, treats and toys for their pets.

The store features a wall of shelves with adorable clothes for pets in various sizes.

While some of the clothes are more casual, others can be worn for more special occasions.

Some of the clothes that have previously been on sale include white and gray striped onesies, a black and white checkered dress, a zebra print shirt and a chunky blue and brown striped shirt.

A number of tutu-styled dresses were also on sale, one of which was light blue with a sequined top, flowers and a bow.

After being pampered at the spa, pets can enjoy a selection of colorful treats from the store's bakery.

Many of the treats are decorated with bright frosting and will satisfy any pet's sweet tooth.

The food items are designed in an array of patterns and include treats in the shapes of pineapples, starfish, flip-flops, palm trees, seashells, cactuses, flamingos and more.

In case if you're pet is looking to feel included while you enjoy a drink at home, Good Boy dog beer is also for sale.

The grooming station is separated from the retail portion of the store, though you will inevitably get your pup fix while shopping at Maggie & Rocky's.

The store's Instagram account regularly updates clients on the aftermath of the grooming sessions and spa days.

Once the pets are groomed and given the full spa experience, they can opt to document their newly clean look at one of the store's many selfie stations.

Bill, 45, posed for a picture in the selfie station, which was posted onto the store's social media accounts.

While the store was originally only doing curbside pickup amid the coronavirus pandemic, clients are now allowed to return to Maggie & Rocky's.

Bill and Jen star on the TLC reality show The Little Couple.

The show, which premiered in 2009, has been on the air for 11 years.

While TLC has not officially cancelled the series, fans are speculating whether there will be a Season 15.

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