Is There a New 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' Airing This Week?

The HBO host has been broadcasting mostly from a white-backgrounded void since the coronavirus pandemic

john oliver last week tonight


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, John Oliver has been broadcasting his weekly “Last Week Tonight” from home in a white-backgrounded “blank void” that looks very different from his usual New York City studio.

Now in its sixth season, the HBO show picked up four Primetime Emmy Awards this year, including for Outstanding Variety Talk Series for the fifth straight year. And the former “Daily Show” regular has spent much of the year chronicling not only the pandemic but also the presidential election.

In the Nov. 15 episode, Oliver focused primarily on President Trump’s continued refusal to concede the election to Joe Biden despite the certification of vote tallies in multiples states that gave the Democrat the clear victory both in the popular vote and in the electoral college.

And since it was the show’s season finale — not only is there no new episode this week but the show won’t return until February — Oliver also took the opportunity to recap some of his personal highlights from the momentous year of 2020.

“We sponsored a marble league, we made stamps to help the Postal Service, we tracked down this magnificent piece of rat erotica,” he began. “I got into a fight with Danbury, Connecticut, which resulted in them naming a sewage plant after me.”

He also recapped his yearlong taunting of Oscar-nominated actor Adam Driver, who gamely called in to inquire about “this strange, strange bit that you’ve somehow pulled me into” and then dragged Oliver into offering a very begrudging apology.

Oliver closed the season finale with a more spectacular bit, getting up from his seat in the “blank void” to reveal a giant stage-set in some remote ravine-like location. As he walked toward the camera and away from the set, we saw that it was in fact shaped like a giant 2020 sign — which he promptly blew up in a fireball.

“Let tomorrow be about solutions,” Oliver said to close the show, and the season, and the year. “Today is about vengeance. F— you, 2020. Get f—ed.”

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