Jack Black Dancing Shirtless On Tik Tok Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

While we all struggle to changing routines thanks to shelter-in-place orders and social distancing in the United States, some people are creating high-quality content, like Jack Black. The musician and actor took to Tik Tok and posted a video of him dancing shirtless.

At first, a man dancing on a mini-half pipe in his backyard on a social media site already filled so many people dancing may not seem like high-quality content; however, Black’s dedication and intensity brings the art of dance to new levels. Okay, maybe it doesn’t, but it’s a very entertaining watch. Check out the video from Tik Tok below, which was also posted on Instagram.

#StayAtHome Dance ✂️ @taylorstephens ? @therealimaginarybear New #JablinskiGames is live. Link in bio.

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Black’s dance routine should bring a smile to your face, especially when his cowboy hat falls off his head. His Tik Tok account is filled with silly videos like this, Black playing a child’s saxophone toy, and skateboarding, making many, many silly faces. If you need a little cheering up, you can’t go wrong with his Tik Tok or his Instagram account.

Speaking of Jack Black, his latest movie–Jumanji: The Next Level review–is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Additionally, you can pick it up digitally through various retailers. In GameSpot’s Jumanji: The Next Level review, Meg Downey said, “All told, Jumanji: The Next Level just never manages to find enough a solid enough foundation to make things work the way they ought to. Sure, you’re going to probably get a handful of decent laughs and, if you’re a person who plays video games, you’ll catch more than a few clever nods to various genre conventions and story tropes, but there just isn’t enough meat on those bones to make its 2 hour run time worthwhile.”

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