Jenelle Evans Claims Her Son Is Safe, Threatens to Call Her Lawyers on 'Teen Mom 2' Cast Members

Once again Jenelle Evans isn’t getting along with her former Teen Mom 2 cast members. She is defending her husband, David Eason from accusations he faced in the past. Find out what happened and why Evans threatened to call her lawyers.

Reality stars shared a post about accusations against David Eason

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The Hollywood Gossip published a post called “Nathan Griffith: David Eason Abused My Son AGAIN!” It goes into a timeline of the Evans relationship with her husband. It then focuses on the allegations that were made against him.

The blog mentions Nathan Griffith, the father of Kaiser, once claimed his son told him Eason punched him in the head and there were several occasions he noticed bruises on him. CPS then investigated the couple but didn’t find anything.

Evans did previously announce that she was leaving her husband. She also got a restraining order against him. “I married David on September 23, 2017. Since then, he has been abusive and violent towards me. Because of his behavior, I want to leave him. As he has realized this over the past couple of days, he has escalated his threats,” she claimed in court documents at the end of last year, according to OK! magazine.

The couple has since reunited. Eason was recently arrested and accused of hitting her friend with a pistol.

Maci McKinney, Amber Portwood, and Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro were then called out by Evans on Twitter. She claimed they shared this blog post and wants to get her lawyers involved.

Jenelle Evans claims her son is safe

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Evans tweeted on July 1 denying the claims that Eason has been abusive to Kaiser in the past. She also addressed other reality stars who she claimed was sharing the article.

“It’s crazy how you would let someone post slander about my children and husband onto your accounts with completely made up accusations from a year ago. @MaciBookout @AmberLPortwood and @RealRonnieMagro,” she tweeted.

The mother then tweeted, “I would appreciate it if you would delete the articles. Or I can have my lawyer contact all of you next week. @AmberLPortwood @MaciBookout and @RealRonnieMagro.”

Evans then tweeted, “Apparently the media doesn’t care what defamation or slander means. This is why celebrities have sued everyone in the past… and I’ve been organizing my notes for a while.”

She then added, “My son is safe and I have proof he was okay for his week visit with his father. I didn’t have one concerning phone call made to me or any reports of injuries. He’s just an adorable happy normal little man. #MommasBoy.”

The article is still on McKinney’s page. Portwood responded to Evans’ tweet about being contacted by her lawyer with, “I’ll be waiting.” Evans’ last tweet got many responses from fans asking questions about past accusations against Eason. It looks like Evans is continuing to defend her husband.

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