Jinger Duggar's husband Jeremy Vuolo accused of dissing father-in-law Jim Bob by calling own dad a 'hero'

COUNTING On fans are accusing Jinger Duggar's husband Jeremy Vuolo of dissing his father-in-law Jim Bob.

This speculation comes after Jeremy called his own dad a 'hero' in a social media post.

Jeremy posted a sweet snap twinning in wool blazers with his dad.

He captioned the pic: "Thankful to have a dad who’s also my hero. I pray every day that I’d follow his example with my girls."

The host of the YouTube show, Without a Crystal Ball, Katie Joy posted on Instagram: Jeremy just saw Jim Bob Duggar & he’s been literally throwing up all these quotes & photos about being a dad. The shade is too much!

Social media users wondered: "Maybe that’s why Jinger has been so quiet on social media?!"

Other followers commented: "Must have been an issue at the wedding."

A third follower wrote: "Maybe (just a theory) Jeremy is upset of not getting paid for the birth special and that is also why they took it down on yt so fast. they might wanna pull a Derrick and it scares JB."

A third chimed in: "So they are not the happy family …"

Another social media user shared: "I'm thinking Not posting pictures of the babies is a silent protest from the Vuolos to TLC etc."

Others noted: "Some day more secrets are going to come out about this family. I think the surface has been scratched. You can’t silence 19 kids."

Another follower said: "Jeremy just saw Jim Bob Duggar & he’s been literally throwing up all these quotes & photos about being a dad. The shade is too much!"

Duggar fans recently questioned why Jeremy always posts "bad pictures" of Jinger.

The reality star took to Instagram to share a candid picture of his wife, which had been taken from a low angle and appeared to be slightly blurry.

But fans were left concerned for Jinger, with one suggesting she "looks so tired," and another alleging she looks like she had just been crying.

"Jinger always gives me 'pretending I didn’t cry in the car on the way here' vibes these days," commented one fan.

"He literally intentionally posts bad pics of her," added another on Reddit. "Watch the kids while she goes out for a bit."

Another alleged that "she always looks stressed and watery-eyed," adding: "I sincerely hope Jinger is okay."

Before Valentine's Day, Jeremy hired a skywriter to help him declare his dying love for Jinger with the infinity sign and a heart etched into the blue sky.

"Love you forever," he captioned the upside-down picture he took of the sign and posted to his Instagram stories.

"Wow, I love you so much," Jinger exclaimed in her captions.

The couple, who have been married since 2016, share daughters, Felicity, two, and Evangeline, three months.

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