Joe Biden & Trevor Noah Discuss Defunding Police, The Role Of Social Workers & Community Policing

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been making the rounds of news and talk shows lately, and tonight he did a virtual interview with Trevor Noah for The Daily Social Distancing Show. 



“If you were to become president, do you think that there would be a world where defunding the police would be the solution and getting some of these responsibilities away from police forces — police in schools, police handling mental illness, police handling homelessness, etc.?”

The newly minted Democratic nominee for president, who is on the record saying he doesn’t support defunding police, replied, “Well, I think there are a lot of changes that can take place period, without having to defund police completely.” He went on to note that his daughter is a social worker and said as an example: “The idea that she is gonna respond by herself to a 911 call that says that someone is overdosing or someone has a mental problem and is acting out, the idea of going by themselves is not rational respect. Conversely, cops shouldn’t go alone, cops should go with — with — people who are mental health experts.”

Biden later focused on a related subject.

“We should change the way in which we deal with all drug abuse,” he said. “Nobody should be going to jail for the use of drugs, they should be going to mandatory rehabilitation. We should be building rehab centers, not more prisons. You know, building trust between law enforcement and communities and increased safety is to invest in the funding of community policing.”

He then expanded on that topic, and you can watch the full clip below:

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