Justin Bieber SLAMMED for supporting Morgan Wallen after country singer used N-word but apologizes for 'offending' fans

JUSTIN Bieber has been SLAMMED by fans for supporting Morgan Wallen after the country singer used the “n-word” in a drunken “racist” video earlier this year. 

The pop star shared a message of praise on his Instagram Story for the Whiskey Glasses crooner but following backlash, he deleted it and apologized for his “ignorance.” 

On Wednesday, Justin, 27, posted a screenshot of Morgan’s Dangerous album to his 187 million Instagram followers.

“Love this album,” he wrote while listening to the track Sand In My Boots. 

Immediately, fans bashed Justin – who has also been caught saying racial slurs – for promoting someone who was recently heard shouting the n-word.  

“Justin supporting a racist when he has a history doing the same s**t? Can’t say I’m shocked…” one person sarcastically tweeted. 

Another fired off: “Justin is the definition of white privileged. He uses slurs, worships a woman abuser and considers him as “god”.

“Yall cancelled Dababy so easily why not end this ungrateful brat?”


A third tweeted: “They both said the N word, and the one that supposedly apologized and changed goes around doing cultural appropriation and using MLK for profits, genuinely not surprised at this point…”

“Justin really proving his ignorance a** hasn’t changed one bit,” a fourth critic insisted. 

Following the mass social media outrage, the Sorry singer took to his deleted his message about Morgan and wrote a lengthy apology. 

“I had no idea that the guy’s music I posted was recently found saying racist comments, as you know I don’t support or tolerate any sort of racism or discrimination. 

“I had no idea, I sincerely apologize to anyone I offended,” Justin said. 

He continued to reflect on his past actions: “When I was a kid, I was incredibly ignorant and said some very hurtful racist jokes that clearly were not funny. 

“I hurt a lot of people especially the Black people in my life but was fortunate enough to have had them educate me on the horrifying origin of the n-word. 


“This brings those painful memories back up, I will always take ownership for my ignorance and my past because I know I am not that person. 

“I know that I have apologized for this before but knowing that this is such a sensitive issue, I believe it’s important to bring this up to hopefully educate people who may be ignorant to the topic of racism and how hurtful it is.”

In 2014, a video surfaced that showed the Canadian making jokes that included the n-word. 

Earlier in February, a video was taken by Morgan’s neighbor outside a home in Nashville, Tennessee yelling profanities.

After a night out, Morgan yelled to one of his friends: ”take care of this p***y a** n***a," before heading into his house.

Following the release of the clip, many radio stations eliminated his songs from their playlists and award shows dropped him as a nominee contender, Variety reported.

The country star also had his contract with Big Loud Records "suspended indefinitely" following the scandal, according to a statement released on social media.

His success has come despite a number of mistakes and stumbles that he has also apologized for.

Morgan was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct in May 2020 after getting kicked out of a downtown Nashville bar.

In October, Saturday Night Live dropped him from a scheduled performance after he violated Covid protocols when videos appeared on social media of him making out with fans at a party in Alabama.

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