Katie Price's son Junior, 15, begs fans to expose sick troll who bombarded him and Harvey with abuse ‘all day’

KATIE Price's son Junior, 15, begged fans to expose a sick troll who bombarded him and his brother Harvey with abuse "all day".

The teen – who Katie shares with her ex-husband Peter Andre – shared messages and photos from the Instagram account sending the abuse.

Junior asked his 395,000 followers not to send the troll abuse and instead requested they report him to teachers and his parents.

Writing on his Instagram Story, Junior said: "He spent most of last night and today sending me vile and abusive messages telling me to kill myself and that my "f***ing s***** brother Harvey' should do the same.

"All hes wanted is for me to do is respond so here goes [sic.]."

He added: "I don't want any anger or abuse directed at him but could someone please tell this brave boys mum and dad what he's up to? [sic.]

"Also maybe his teachers. Maybe then he'll learn that you shouldn't abuse defenceless people online."

The troll seemingly lashed out at Junior because he thought the teen messaged his girlfriend.

In the messages, he insults Junior and calls Harvey – who was born with multiple disabilities – ableist and racist slurs.

Posting from a now-deleted Instagram account, they wrote: "Hahahaha imagine trying to get fired into my bird's DMs you f***ing banger, check the nick of you man you are one ugly b*****d away the f**k out my bird's DMs you c***."

They go on to tell Junior to take his own life, and use derogatory slurs against his older brother – including a photoshopped picture of Harvey on Haribo.

Junior's mum Katie, 42, has long-campaigned for harsher consequences for online trolls as Harvey is regularly targeted online.

His disabilities include ADHD, autism, genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness – and he has been victim to cruel abuse for years.

She launched Harvey's Law in 2017, and has even taken it to Parliament.

As well as sick jibes about his disablities, Harvey is also subjected to racism – with Katie campaigning for the government to change the law to tackle online trolls.

She has called for the "virtual bullying" to be stamped out with a new law, which would see social media users have to hand over details to end anonymous abuse.

Katie has also called for abusers to be "named and shamed" on a register where employers can check for improper behaviour online.

Last week, the mother-of-five admitted that she believes trolls "get a kick" out of being exposed for posting abuse online.

She said during an appearance on This Morning: "I'd love to go and meet some of these trolls, it's something I'd want to do – ask them what goes through their head? Why would they want to sit there and make these comments and videos? What are they getting out of it?"

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