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AMERICAN Idol fans are slamming judge Katy Perry for her “attention-seeking” antics during auditions on this week’s episode.

Before starting auditions, Katy, 35, mentioned how American Idol is filming in the same building her actor fiancé Orlando Bloom proposed.

She told fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, “He asked me to marry him in a helicopter. We were all out here. My family and friends. He surprised me. Everyone was wearing matching sweaters.”

She then said: "All in this room. I’m happy to celebrate it again. This is like sweet memories here in this room.”

When contestant Jordan proposed to his girlfriend, Katy said: “This room is blessed! This room is love!”

During another audition, contestant Lauren introduced her fiancé when she walked in.

Katy responded, “Your fiancé? I got one too! Now we just have to make it down the aisle.”

Fans took to Twitter to slam Katy for making the moments about her.

One wrote: “It’s time for the Katy Perry show… eh, I mean #AmericanIdol.”

A second tweeted: “I have never seen anyone make everything about themselves like Katy does. It’s astonishing.”

A third wrote: “Katy needs to go, she’s a narcissist that is ruining Idol.”





Later on in the episode, contestant Courtney asked producers if she could audition even though she hadn’t signed up for the show.

After she sang, Katy was brought to tears.

Judge Luke joked: “Here goes Katy!

“Katy needs attention, makeup please!”

A viewer wrote on Twitter: “Here goes Katy crying again…”

A second said: “Katy needs attention!”

On a previous episode, the judges were evacuated because of a gas leak.

Katy asked her fellow judges: “Do you smell gas? It’s pretty intense.”

She continued: "I've got a slight headache from it. Oh it's bad, it's really bad.”

Once outside, Katy laid on the ground and said: "I'm not feeling good.”

Katy shared photos from the incident on her social media.

Fans slammed her for over-exaggerating the situation.

One said: ”I’m so confused, did you actually faint or are you being dramatic?"

Another added: "Drama queen!"

A third quipped: "U truly deserve an Oscar.”

Katy made a scene in another episode, as Lionel and Luke didn’t want contestant Saveria to advance.

Katy told her: "You're a great singer. You are a gymnast singer. You can do cartwheels and backflips and do it all. You have so much potential.”

When the other judges said no, she stood up and flipped over their cups.

She screamed: "Y'all are crazy!”

She stormed off the set and said: "They need to get their hearing checked.”

While live tweeting, she admitted that she almost quit the show.

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