L.A. Democratic Activists Plan Video Conference Fundraiser With Joe Biden As Campaigns Cancel Events Over Coronavirus Concerns

As presidential campaigns cancel rallies and other in-person events, a group of Los Angeles backers of Joe Biden are planning a video conference fundraiser with the former VP later this month, a twist on the typical gathering of donors in a cocktail party atmosphere.

Public affairs strategist Mathew Littman, political consultant Stephanie Daily Smith and producer Julie Hermelin are among those planning the event. Littman said that Biden has agreed to do the virtual gathering, although no specific date has been set. Tickets will be priced at $1,000 each, with a maximum of 50 people.

With the spread of the coronavirus and widespread cancelations of public events, there is concern that it also will limit candidate travel and fundraising activities, given that it usually means crowds of 100 or more interacting with the candidate. Biden’s event last week at the home of Sherry Lansing drew more than 300 attendees.

Still, there is a concern that it will slow fundraising activities in what otherwise would be crucial months to build a war chest.

The event will start with a private briefing on campaign strategy, followed by remarks from Biden and then a Q&A session.

They wrote, “We are also aware of the enjoyment many of us get from attending a fundraiser: we see people we know, maybe some we want to know, possibly get a photo. We have to readjust that thinking, now.

“We believe this is one very effective way to solve the lack of in-person fundraising events and in fact may be the near future of fundraising.”

Biden’s campaign already has canceled planned events in the coming days in Miami and Chicago and instead will hold “virtual” gatherings, with details to be announced.

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