'Loki' Fan Theory Explores the True Brutality of the TVA

Marvel’s Loki finally arrived at Disney+ on May 23 after much anticipation. Marvel Studios had teased the series that follows the God of Mischief’s adventure after his capture by the Time Variance Authority, and it didn’t disappoint.

Loki explores the villain’s escape from the Avengers’s capture and ultimate arrest by the TVA. Although the TVA may seem like they do what they do for a good cause, one fan theory explores the true brutality of the agency.

The TVA looks a lot like ‘The Umbrella Academy’s’ commission

Loki begins when the anti-hero gets apprehended by the TVA after escaping the timeline using the Tesseract. His escape from the capture violated the Sacred Timeline. It also led to ripple effects in history, including the formation of various Loki variants, including a mystery Loki who has managed to escape the TVA thus far while wreaking havoc in the timeline.

The TVA guards bring Loki to the agency’s headquarters via a portal where Loki learns more about the agency. Here the God of Mischief learns that the TVA is responsible for maintaining the correct timelines and is led by a team of celestial Time-Keepers.

An informational video narrated by Miss Minutes informs Loki that there had been a battle of timelines that nearly led to the destruction of existence. To prevent the end of the world and retain peace in the Multiverse, the TVA had to be formed to monitor any variants carefully and eliminate those who pose a potential threat to the sacred timeline.

Anyone who’s watched Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy can associate the TVA with the Temps Commission in the Netflix production. The fictional Temps Commission is designed to oversee and maintain the space-time continuum. The commission essentially ensures that events in history remain the same, much like the TVA. In The Umbrella Academy, the commission has agents who make up some of the main antagonists in the series.

Are the Time-Keepers the villains? Fans think so

Without any hindsight, the TVA seems like a noble organization that only serves the needs of humanity by ensuring everything in the timeline functions efficiently. However, some fans seem to believe that the TVA may be more brutal than the series lets on. After capturing the Loki variant, the God of Mischief tried to dig up some information out of her by bringing up the TVA.

Sylvie, the variant, mentioned that the TVA wiped out memories of their agents. Some fans on Reddit explained that the story made sense with one saying, “that’s probably what they do with all variants. Note how when they sentence Loki, they tell them to reset him, not prune him. Pruning appears to be when they literally erase your existence, while being reset almost likely means to add you to the TVA’S ranks.”

Others chimed in on the theory, with one fan mentioning, “so I guess that explains why Mobius loves jet skis so much. He probably had one when he was a regular dude living on Earth in the ’90s.”

Where is the TVA located

The TVA is a powerful organization that has proven capable of erasing any timelines it believes are dangerous. Much like any other organization, the agency has different levels of management, with low-ranking employees being faceless clones.

Although the Disney+ series doesn’t give any information about the agency’s location, some fans think that the TVA is in the quantum realm. The quantum realm first appeared in Ant-Man and has since become a standard location reference in Marvel films.

Some fans defended their theory claiming that from its mention in Ant-Man, time moves differently in the quantum realm, and it also gives access to anywhere in time and multiple realities. Although the theory seems to hold water, others argue that the TVA is much too powerful and efficient to be situated in a volatile place like the quantum realm.

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