Lorraine Kelly apologises to viewers after Prince George’s godmother swears live on air

Lorraine Kelly welcomed Prince George’s grandmother, Julia Samuel onto her ITV show this morning as the psychotherapist promoted her latest book. However, the host was forced to step in and apologise when Julia swore live on air as the author discussed how viewers can cope with their bad mental health days.

Julia made an appearance on the show to promote her new book, This Too Shall Pass.

But, while opening up about how talking to your friends and family can help if you’re suffering from a bad mental health day, the psychotherapist swore. 

She began: “Mental health is invisible, if you have a physical illness, you can go to the doctors and say “I’ve bust my arm.” 

Julia explained that if you have a physical illness you can visit a doctor who will treat you but, mental health should be approached differently.


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She continued: “But because it’s invisible and for decades it has been used as a sense of shame and failure that everyone else is coping and doing okay.”

“But I think that’s the thing – everyone has their own problems and their own difficulties, but because we’re not honest about them and we’re not transparent – we think everyone has it sorted and we think we’re failing.”

Julia discussed the importance of speaking to your loved ones before suggesting how Lorraine could help overcome any problems. 

“If we can be kind to ourselves and talk to our friends,” Julia explained “Don’t hold things as a secret because when you hide it underground it grows and becomes more mercy.

“As you would go to your friend, “I’m having a s***e week,” I’m not sleeping, I did a terrible show, something, something, something.

“But by the time you’ve had a cup of coffee and you’ve had a hug and you’ve roared with laughter maybe you’ve watched something funny on telly, it lessens.”

“Whereas if you keep that in your system, it kind go grows and gets bigger,” she added.

Seemingly ignoring the swear word, Lorraine said: “No that’s true, you’re absolutely right, that’s why I love the front page of The Sun today because it’s exactly that.

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“It’s the Queen and Prince Harry having a chat, putting it all too rest, there they are, they love each other very, very much.

After finishing up the interview, Lorraine apologised to viewers who may have been offended by Julia’s choice of words. 

Lorraine said: “Got to say we’re wee sorry for a wee, tiny, bad word, but I’m sure you didn’t even notice.”

However, it seemed Lorraine fans hadn’t picked up on the swear word as the made light of the apology on Twitter.


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One wrote: “Lol, did she just say ‘s***’? while another made a cheeky remark about a later fashion segment and joked: “All of these look s***e #Lorraine.” 

Elsewhere, Lorraine confirmed her daughter Rosie was well after she revealed she had isolated amid coronavirus fears.

Talking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Lorraine explained: “She was sent home because she had a bit of a cough and she’s fine, she’s absolutely fine.”

“Everybody coming into [Singapore] or out of the country obviously gets their temperature taken.

“They have given the whole island of Singapore a deep clean not that it needed it and yeah things are ok.”

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am.

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